"Addressing Aging: Miscommunication and Misinformation in Aging-related Research and Care"

By Nicolette Calcavecchia

The IOA hosted our 2023 Sylvan M. Cohen Annual Retreat and Poster Session on Wednesday, December 6 in collaboration with the Penn Medical Communication Research Institute. This year's theme, "Addressing Aging: Miscommunication and Misinformation in Aging-related Research and Care," covered a variety of topics from scams targeting older adults, communicating clinical trial results, and the use of generative AI in gerontology.

You can currently view full lectures from all of our event speakers here or stay tuned for more on these topics as we release recaps of each talk in the coming weeks. 

Congratulations to our poster winners! 

Basic Science
Short tandem repeats as a novel genetic driver of Alzheimer’s disease
: Michael H. Guo, MD, PhD, Wan-Ping Lee, PhD, Badri Vardarajan, PhD, Gerard Schellenberg, PhD, Jennifer Phillips-Cremins, PhD 
Affiliation: Department of Neurology, University of Pennsylvania 

Clinical Research, Education, and Other
Time Together: An Intergenerational Respite, Mentorship, and Training Program  
: Felicia Greenfield, MSW, LCSW, Lauren Massimo, PhD, CRNP, Megan Kalafsky, MCHI , Leah Fein, MPH, MSW, LSW, Carolyn Rogers, BS , Brianna Morgan, Ph.D., CNRP , Alison Lynn, MSW, LCSW 
Affiliation: University of Pennsylvania and New York University

View photos from the event here.