Donald L. Siegel, MD, PhD

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Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Attending Physician, Dept. Pathology & Lab Med, Penn-Presbyterian Medical Center
Director, ACGME-accredited Fellowship Program in Blood Banking/Transfusion Medicine, Hospital of the University of PA
Medical Director, AABB-accredited Blood Bank and Apheresis Unit, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Member for Oversight of Blood Usage, Clinical Effectiveness and Quality Improvement Committee, Hospital of the University of PA
Medical Director, FACT-accredited cell collection and processing facilities for Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Program, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Member, Executive Committee, Dept of Pathology & Lab Med, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
Attending Physician, Division of Transfusion Med, Dept. Pathology & Lab Med, Hospital of the University of PA
Founding Director, Division of Transfusion Medicine & Therapeutic Pathology, Hospital of the University of PA
Member, Cell & Vaccine Production Facility Advisory Committee, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
Director, Clinical Cell and Vaccine Production Facility, Center for Advanced Cellular Therapeutics, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
Department: Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Contact information
9-112 South Tower, Big 421
3400 Civic Center Blvd
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: (215) 662-3942
Lab: (215) 898-9655
Sc.B. (Biophysics)
Brown University, 1977.
Ph.D. (Biophysics)
Harvard University, 1983.
University of Pennsylvania, 1987.
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Description of Research Expertise

Research Interests

Discovery and characterization of diagnostic and therapeutic monoclonal antibodies

Research Summary

My laboratory studies human immune repertoires in health and disease using phage display technologies for the production of human and non-human monoclonal antibodies relevant to transfusion medicine, benign hematology, infectious diseases, and oncology. Current studies focus on developing targeted drug delivery methods using red cell antibodies coupled to novel anti-thrombotic/anti-inflammatory molecules; cloning monoclonal primate neutralizing Dengue, Ebola, MERS and Zika virus antibodies for human in vivo antibody gene expression therapy; and isolating recombinant human and humanized antibody fragments for the design of T-cell chimeric antigen receptors for cancer therapy.

Description of Clinical Expertise

transfusion medicine, blood banking, apheresis, hematopoietic stem cell collection/processing, cGMP manufacture of cellular therapies for phase I first-in-human clinical trials

Selected Publications

Jung, I.-Y., Bartoszek, R.L., Rech, A., Collins, S.M., Ooi, S.-K., Williams, E.F., Hopkins, C., Narayan, V., Haas, N.B., Frey, N.V., Hexner, E.O., Siegel, D.L., Plesa, G., Porter, D.L., Cantu, A., Everett, J.K., Guedan, S., Berger, S.L., Bushman, F.D., Herbst, F., Fraietta, J.A.: Type I interferon signaling via the EGR2 transcriptional regulator potentiates CAR T cell-intrinsic dysfunction. Cancer Discovery 13: 1636-1655, 2023.

Halkidis, K., Meng, C., Liu, S., Mayne, L., Siegel, D.L., Zheng, X.L.: Mechanisms of inhibition of human monoclonal antibodies in immune thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura. Blood 141: 2993-3005, 2023.

Jung, I.-Y., Noguera-Ortega, E., Bartoszek, R., Collins, S.M., Williams, E., Davis, M., Jadlowsky, J.K., Plesa, G., Siegel, D.L., Chew, A., Levine, B.L., Berger, S.L., Moon, E.K., Albelda, S.M., Fraietta, J.A.: Tissue-resident memory CAR T cells with stem-like characteristics display enhanced efficacy against solid and liquid tumors. Cell Reports Medicine 4, 2023.

Glassman, P.M., Villa, C.H., Marcos-Contreras, O.A., Hood, E.D., Walsh, L.R., Greineder, C.F., Myerson, J.W., Shuvaeva, T., Puentes, L., Brenner, J.S., Siegel, D.L., Muzykantov, V.R.: Targeted in vivo loading of red blood cells markedly prolongs nanocarrier circulation. J. Bioconjugate Chem 33: 1286-1294, 2022.

Herman, J.D., Wang, C., Burke, J.S., Zur, Y., Compere, H., Kang, J., Macvicar, R., Taylor, S., Shin, S., Frank, I., Siegel, D., Tebas, P., Choi, G.H., Shaw, P.A., Yoon, H. Pirofski, L.A., Juelg, B., Bar, K.J., Lauffenburger, D., Alter, G.: Nucleocapsid-specific antibody function is associated with therapeutic benefit from Covid-19 convalescent plasma. Cell Reports Med 3: DOI:, 2022.

Melenhorst, J.J., Chen, G.M., Wang, M., Porter, D.L., Gao, P., Bandyopadhyay, S., Pruteanu-Malinici, I., Nobles, C.L., Maji, S., Frey, N.V., Gill, S.I., Tian, L., Kulikovskaya, I., Gupta, M., Davis, M.M., Fraietta, J.A., Brogdon, J.L., Young, R.M., Ambrose, D.E., Chew, A., Levine, B.L., Siegel, D.L., Alanio, C., Wherry, E.J., Bushman, F.D., Lacey, S.F., Tan,, K., June, C.H.: Decade-long remissions of leukemia sustained by the persistence of activated CD4+ CAR T-cell. Nature 602: 503-509, 2022.

Garfall, A., Cohen, A., Susanibar-Adaniya, S., Hwang, W.-T., Vogl, D., Waxman, A., Lacey, S., Gonzalez, V., Fraietta, J.A., Gupta, M., Kulikovskaya, I., Tian, L., Chen, F., Koterba, N., Bartoszek, R.L., Patchin, M., Xu, R., Plesa, G., Siegel, D.L., Brennan, A., Nelson, A.-M., Ferthio, R., Cosey, A., Shea, K.-M., Leskowitz, R., Four, M., Wilson, W., Miao, F., Lancaster, E., Carreno, B., Linette, G., Hexner, E., Young, R., Bu, D., Mansfield, K., Brogdon, J., June, C., Milone, M.C., Stadtmauer, E.: CAR T cells targeting BCMA and CD19 for newly diagnosed and relapsed multiple myeloma patients responding to current therapy. Blood Cancer Discovery Page:, 2022.

Jung, I.-Y., Narayan, V., McDonald S., Rech, A.J., Bartoszek, R., Hong, G., Davis, M.M., Xu, J., Boesteanu, A.C., Barber-Rotenberg, J.S., Plesa, G., Lacey, S.F., Jadlowsky, J.K., Siegel, D.L., Hammill, D., , Cho-Park, P.F., Berger, S.L., Haas, N.B., Fraietta, J.A.: BLIMP1 and NR4A3 transcription factors reciprocally regulate antitumor CAR T-cell stemness and exhaustion. Science Translational Medicine Page: DOI: 10.1126/scitranslmed.abn7336, 2022.

Hsueh, Y.-C., Wang, Y., Riding, R.L., Catalano, D.E., Lu, Y.-J., Richmond, J.M., Siegel, D.L., Rusckowski, M., Stanley, J.R., Harris, J.E.: A keratinocyte-tethered biologic enables location-precise treatment in mouse vitiligo. J. Invest. Dermatol j.jid.2022.06.007, 2022.

Gill, S., Vides, V., Frey, N.V., Hexner, E., Metzger, S., O'Brien, M., Hwang, W-T, Brogdon, J.L., Davis, M.M., Fraietta, J.A., Gaymon, A.L., Gladney, W.L., Lacey, S.F., Lamontagne, A., Mato, A.R., Maus, M.V., Melenhorst, J.J., Pequignot, E., Ruella, M., Shestov, M., Byrd, J.C., Schuster, S.J., Siegel, D.L., Levine, B.L., June, C.H., Porter, D.L.: Anti-CD19 CAR T cells in combination with Ibrutinib for the treatment of chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Blood Advances 6: 5774-5785, 2022.

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