Kim A Reiss (Reiss Binder), MD

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Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Department: Medicine

Contact information
Division of Hematology Oncology
Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine
10th Floor, South Pavilion
Office #10-305
3400 Civic Center Blvd
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-360-0735
Fax: 215-662-4646
BA (Psychology)
Colby College, 2002.
Post BA (Pre-Med)
Johns Hopkins University , 2003.
MD (Medicine)
Penn State College of Medicine , 2008.
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Selected Publications

Kim A. Reiss; Yuan Yuan; Debora Barton; Amy Ronczka; Daniel Cushing; Michael Klichinsky; Elizabeth C. Dees: A phase 1, first-in-human (FIH) study of adenovirally transduced autologous macrophages engineered to contain an anti-HER2 chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) in subjects with HER2 overexpressing solid tumors. ASCO GI, San Francisco, CA 2022.

Yara G. Abdou, Yuan Yuan, Naoto T. Ueno, Debora Barton, Amy Ronczka, Daniel Cushing, Michael Klichinsky, Kim A. Reiss : A phase 1, first-in-human (FIH) study of adenovirally transduced autologous macrophages engineered to contain an anti-HER2 chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) in subjects with HER2 overexpressing solid tumors. San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, San Antonio, TX Dec 2021.

Jada G. Hamilton, PhD, MPH; Heather Symecko, MPH; Kelsey Spielman, MS, CGC; Kelsey Breen, MS, MSc, CGC; Rebecca Mueller, MS, CGC; Amanda Catchings, MS, CGC; Magan Trottier, MSc, MSc, CGC; Erin E. Salo-Mullen, MS, MPH, CGC; Ibrahim Shah, BA; Anna Arutyunova, BS; Melissa Batson, MPH; Rebecca Gebert, BA; Stacy Pundock, BA; Elizabeth Schofield, MPH 1 Kenneth Offit, MD, MPH; Zsofia K. Stadler, MD; Karen Cadoo, MD; Maria I. Carlo, MD; Vivek Narayan, MD; Kim A. Reiss, MD; Mark E. Robson, MD; Susan M. Domchek, MD : Uptake and acceptability of a mainstreaming model of hereditary cancer multigene panel testing among patients with ovarian, pancreatic, and prostate cancer. Genet Med 23(11): 2105-2113, Nov 2021.

Louise Wang, MD, Frank I. Scott, MD, MSCE, Ben Boursi, MD, Kim A. Reiss, MD, Sankey Williams, MD, Henry Glick, PhD, Yu-Xiao Yang, MD, MSCE: Cost-effectiveness of a Risk-Tailored Pancreatic Cancer Early Detection Strategy among Patients with New-Onset Diabetes. Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology S1542-3565(21): 01150-2, Nov 2 2021.

Phyllis A Gimotty, Jacob E Till, Shirsa Udgata, Naomi Takenaka, Stephanie S Yee, Michael J LaRiviere, Mark H O'Hara, Kim A Reiss, Peter O'Dwyer, Bryson W Katona, Daniel Herman, Erica L Carpenter, Kenneth S Zaret: THSB2 as a prognostic biomarker for patients diagnosed with metastatic pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma. Oncotarget 12(22): 2266-72, Oct 26 2021.

Max M. Wattenberg; Kim A. Reiss: Determinants of Homologous Recombination Deficiency in Pancreatic Cancer. Cancers 13(18): 4716, Sep 2021.

W. Tristram Arscott, M.D, Kevin T. Nead, M.D, M.Phil, Adham Bear, M.D., Sriram Venigalla, M.D., Jacob Shabason, M.D., J. Nickolas Lukens, M.D., John P. Plastaras, M.D./Ph.D., Andrzej Wojcieszynski, M.D., James Metz, M.D., Mark O’Hara, M.D., Kim A. Reiss, M.D., Ursina Teitelbaum, M.D., Arturo Loaiza-Bonilla, M.D, Jeffrey Drebin, M.D., Major Kenneth Lee, IV, M.D./Ph.D, Stuti G. Shroff, M.D./Ph.D., Edgar Ben-Josef, M.D.: Concurrent Nab-Paclitaxel and Radiotherapy - Novel Radiosensitization for Borderline Resectable or Unresectable Pancreatic Cancer. Am J Clin Oncol 44(9): 469-474, Sep 2021.

Kim A. Reiss, Debora Barton, Amy Ronczka, Daniel Cushing, Michael Klichinsky, Elizabeth Claire Dees : A Phase 1, First in Human Study of Adenovirally Transduced Autologous Macrophages Engineered to Contain an Anti-HER2 Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) in Subjects with HER2 Overexpressing Solid Tumors ESMO Annual Meeting, Virtual (COVID) Sept 2021 Notes: Oral Presentation

Thatcher R.Heumann, Marina Baretti1, Elizabeth A. Sugar, Jennifer Durham, Sheila Linden, Tearra Miles, Tamara Y Lopez-Vidal, James Leatherman, Nita Ahuja, Anup Sharma, Colin D. Weekes, Peter J. O’Dwyer, Kim Reiss Binder, Dulabh K. Monga, Nilofer S. Azad : Oral Azacitidine (CC-486) in Patients with Resected Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma at High Risk for Recurrence ESMO Annual Meeting, Virtual (COVID) Sept 2021 Notes: Poster Presentation.

Kim A. Reiss, MD; Rosemarie Mick, MS; Mark H. O’Hara, MD; Ursina Teitelbaum, MD; Thomas B. Karasic, MD; Charles Schneider, MD; Stacy Cowden, RN; Traci Southwell, RN; Janae Romeo, MBE; Natallia Izgur, RN; Zain M. Hannan, BA; Rashmi Tondon, MD; Katharine Nathanson, MD; Robert H. Vonderheide, MD, DPhil; Max M. Wattenberg, MD; Gregory Beatty, MD, PhD; Susan M. Domchek, MD: A Phase II Study of Maintenance Rucaparib in Patients with Platinum Sensitive Advanced Pancreatic Cancer and a Pathogenic Germline or Somatic Variant in BRCA1, BRCA2 or PALB2 J Clin Oncol 39(22): 2497-2505, Aug 2021.

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