Kim A Reiss (Reiss Binder), MD

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Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Department: Medicine

Contact information
Division of Hematology Oncology
Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine
10th Floor, South Pavilion
Office #10-305
3400 Civic Center Blvd
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-360-0735
Fax: 215-662-4646
BA (Psychology)
Colby College, 2002.
Post BA (Pre-Med)
Johns Hopkins University , 2003.
MD (Medicine)
Penn State College of Medicine , 2008.
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Selected Publications

Ofer Margalit, Ronac Mamtani, Yaacov Lawrence, Yu-Xiao Yang, Bruce Giantonio, Talia Golan, Dan Aderka, Naama Halpern, Kim Reiss, Einat Shacham-Shmueli, Ben Boursi: Post-Operative Radiation for Pathologic Stage T4 Colon Cancers Receiving Adjuvant Chemotherapy. Clinical Colorectal Cancer Sept 2019.

Ben Boursi, Bruce Giantonio, Dan Aderka, Einat Shacham-Shmueli, Kim Reiss, Naama Halpern, Ofer Margalit, Raashi Mamtani, Talia Golan, Yu-Xiao Yang, Yaacov Lawrence: Lung Metastasis Predicts Better Prognosis in Metastatic Colorectal Cancer with Mutated KRAS. Clinical Colorectal Cancer Sept 2019.

Erin Bange, Abigail Doucette, Peter Gabriel, Robin Wang, Andrzej P Wojcieszynski, Bethany Mooney, Ben Boursi, Kim Anna Reiss, Ronac Mamtani: Opportunity Costs of Receiving Palliative Chemotherapy for Metastatic Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma(mPDAC). International Conference on Pharmacoepidemiology and Therapeutic Risk Management Aug 2019.

Kim A. Reiss, MD; Rosemarie Mick, MS; Mark O’Hara, MD; Ursina Teitelbaum, MD; Thomas Karasic, MD; Charles Schneider, MD; Peter O’Dwyer, MD; Danielle Karlson, RN; Stacy Cowden, RN; Mary Jane Fuhrer, BA; Erica Carpenter, PhD; Austin Pantel, MD; Mehran Makvandi, PharmD; David Mankoff, MD, PhD; Katharine Nathanson, MD; Kara Maxwell, MD, PhD; Gregory Beatty, MD, PhD; Susan Domchek, MD : A Randomized Phase II Trial of Niraparib Plus Either Nivolumab or Ipilimumab in Patients with Platinum Sensitive, Advanced Pancreatic Cancer ASCO Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL June 2019.

Margalit O, Mamtani R, Lawrence YR, Yang YX, Baruch EN, Reiss KA, Golan T, Halpern N, Aderka D, Giantonio B, Shacham-Shmueli E, Boursi B.: Locally advanced rectal adenocarcinoma: Are preoperative short and long course radiotherapy truly equivalent? Molecular and Clinical Oncology May 2019.

Thomas B. Karasic, MD; Mark O'Hara, MD; Arturo Loaiza-Bonilla, MD; Kim A. Reiss, MD; Ursina R. Teitelbaum, MD; Erkut Borazanci, MD; Ana De Jesus-Acosta, MD; Colleen Redlinger, BA; Jessica A. Burrell, BA; Daniel A. Laheru, MD; Daniel D. Von Hoff, MD; Ravi K. Amaravadi, MD; Jeffrey A. Drebin, MD, PhD; Peter J. O’Dwyer, MD : Randomized Phase II Trial of Gemcitabine and 'nab-Paclitaxel With or Without Hydroxychloroquine in Advanced Pancreatic Cancer JAMA Oncology May 2019.

Stéphanie L. Gaillard, MD, PhD; Marianna Zahurak; Anup Sharma; Kim Reiss, MD; Susan Sartorius; Melinda Downs; Nicole M. Anders; Nita Ahuja, MD; Michelle A. Rudek, PhD1; Nilofer Azad, MD: A phase I trial of oral DNA methyltransferase inhibitor CC-486 and the histone deacetylase inhibitor romidepsin in advanced solid tumors. Cancer April 2019.

Kim A. Reiss Binder, Rosemarie Mick, Mark O'Hara, Ursina Teitelbaum, Thomas Karasic, Charles Schneider, Peter J. O'Dwyer, Erica Carpenter, Austin Pantel, Mehran Makvandi, David Mankoff, Katherine Nathanson, Kara Maxwell, Stacy Cowden, Mary Jane Fuhrer, Janae Romeo, Gregory L. Beatty, Susan Domchek.: A Phase II, Single Arm Study of Maintenance Rucaparib in Patients with Platinum-Sensitive Advanced Pancreatic Cancer and a Pathogenic Germline or Somatic Mutation in BRCA1, BRCA2 or PALB2. AACR Annual Meeting, Atlanta GA April 2019 Notes: Oral Presentation, Mini-Symposium.

Shivaani Kummar, Shuli Li, Kim A Reiss, James M Ford, Edith P. Mitchell, Lisa M. McShane, Robert J. Gray, Larry V. Rubinstein, David Patton, P. Mickey Williams, Stanley R. Hamilton, Barbara A. Conley, Peter J. O'Dwyer, Lyndsay N. Harris, Carlos L. Arteaga, Alice P. Chen, Keith T. Flaherty : NCI-MATCH EAY131 –Z1I: Phase II Study of AZD1775, a Wee-1 kinase inhibitor, in Patients with Tumors Containing BRCA1 and BRCA2 Mutations. AACR Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA April 2019.

Brittany Bauman, Rosemarie Mick, Eileen Martinez, Theresa Lawless, Lindsey Zinck, Paige Madison, Mary Fuhrer, Mark O’Hara, Charles Schneider, Peter O’Dwyer, John Plastaras, Ursina Teitelbaum, and Kim A. Reiss: Efficacy of oral cryotherapy during oxaliplatin infusion in preventing oral thermal hyperalgesia: A randomized trial. JNCCN April 2019.

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