Actors Project Stimuli

On behalf of the University of Pennsylvania's Brain Behavior Laboratory, thank you for expressing interest in Actors Project Stimuli. As always, our lab is pleased to disseminate stimuli and procedures used in our research projects; sharing this type of information is a basic part of furthering scientific knowledge. Our goal in this endeavor is to facilitate research and further clarify the understanding of cognitive processing. To this end, we welcome collaborators interested in collaborating in the use and validation of this large stimulus library. Please note that stimuli and procedures are copyrighted and are for research purposes only, not clinical or commercial uses.

Before providing access to our emotional stimuli, we ask that you complete the form on the next page providing information about your research project. In addition, we ask that you provide assurance that:

  • You are a qualified investigator, or working with a qualified investigator, at a recognized research institution;
  • Your studies will be conducted with approval of an Institutional Review Board, or similar regulatory body, and with oversight for protection of human participants. You will be asked to affirm this when completing the request form;
  • Any publications generated from studies using these stimuli reference their origin. Specific citation information is provided below and should be consulted as you prepare your manuscript or presentation. Once published, we would appreciate receiving reprints of any publications using the stimuli and/or procedures.

All requests will be reviewed by our research team. Please note that the review process will take approximately 2 weeks. We will contact you when the review is complete. 

Again, thank you for expressing interest in our Actors Project Stimuli. If these conditions are acceptable, please click on the button below that says "I Agree", and fill out the following form. We can then proceed with our review process. Should you have further questions or requests, please contact us via email (

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