3D Facial Emotional Stimuli

Welcome to the world of 3D faces, and thanks for your interest.

On this page you will find some examples of the faces generated using the method described in:

Gur RC, Sara R, Hagendoorn M, Marom O, Hughett P, Macy L, Turner T, Bajcsy R, Posner A, Gur RE. A method for obtaining 3-dimensional facial expressions and its standardization for use in neurocognitive studies.J Neurosci Methods. 2002 115:137-143.

If you are a researcher who wants to use these stimuli in your work we would be delighted to let you download the stimuli you need. You are welcome to use them in your research and all we ask is that, as a courtesy, you keep us posted on interesting findings. However, commercial use of these stimuli is not authorized without prior arrangement.

Because the files are too big to keep them all on the web server, your needs are likely somewhat unique, and to assure the appropriate scientific use of the stimuli, we ask that you read the agreement below and then fill out the following form and submit it. We promise a prompt response that will direct you on the procedure for obtaining specific files that you need.

Anger (VRML)

Disgust (VRML)

Fear (VRML)

Happy (VRML)

Neutral (VRML)

Sad (VRML)

On behalf of the University of Pennsylvania’s Brain Behavior Laboratory, thank you for expressing interest in our research involving emotionally expressive faces. As always, our lab is pleased to disseminate stimuli used in our research projects; sharing this type of information is a basic part of furthering scientific knowledge.

In order to help us continue advancing emotion processing research, we ask that information on data collected using stimuli provided by the Brain Behavior Laboratory be sent back to us once a study is completed and presented or prepared for publication. Our goal is to facilitate research and further clarify the understanding of emotion processing. It may also help you interpret the results in the context of other studies using these stimuli as we will be able to refer investigators to other laboratories applying the stimuli with diverse populations. This may lead to symposia on emotions presented at professional meetings, collaborative studies and sharing data across sites with full participation of investigators.

In addition to having access to your preliminary findings, we also ask that: a. You provide us with assurance that your studies will be conducted with an Institutional Review Board approval and oversight for protection of human participants; b. Any publications generated from studies using these images reference the stimuli’s origin.

Again, thank you for expressing interest in our facial images. If these conditions are acceptable, please mail or email (Face Stimuli Email) us a letter of agreement stipulating IRB assurance. We can then proceed with emailing you instructions for downloading the stimuli. Should you have further questions or requests, don’t hesitate to contact our office at any time.

Best regards,
Ruben C. Gur, Ph.D.

After you have read the above statement, please click on the appropriate choice below.

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For a PDF copy of the above agreement click here: 3D_Faces_letter.pdf

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