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Pyvox is being distributed under an Open Source license which permits free use, modification, and redistribution provided that proper credit is given. There is no warranty. The file COPYING gives the precise license, which is a variant of the BSD license. People who fix bugs or make generally useful improvements are requested to send the modifications back to the author to be folded into the master copy.

Prerequisites for Pyvox include an ANSI C compiler, make, POSIX libraries, the X Window System, and Python binaries and header files. The software is known to compile and run for Linux on 32-bit Intel, Linux on 64-bit AMD, Mac OS X, Solaris on Sparc, and IRIX64, except that the GUI programs do not yet work on some platforms. Porting to other compilers and Unix platforms should be straightforward.

Pyvox is still alpha software, although there is now enough functionality to support some practical applications.

pyvox-0.71.src.tgz (2006/01/25, 1484 KB)

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