International 22q11.2 Brain Behavior Consortium

This study aims to learn more about the risk of developing brain differences and how the brain changes in people with and without 22q Deletion Syndrome. Three sites (Penn, UCLA, and Tel Aviv) have collected video recordings of the Structured interview for Prodromal Syndromes on approximately 20 subjects to be used for training purposes. These recordings can be accessed by approved study staff to analyze and evaluate rater reliability.

Before providing access to the 22q IBBC video recordings, we ask that you complete the form on the next page to provide assurance that: 

  • You are a qualified investigator, working with a qualified investigator, or a clinician.
  • Your studies will be conducted with approval of an Institutional Review Board, or similar regulatory body, and with oversight for protection of human participants.

Our research team will review all requests. We will contact you when the review is complete. Upon approval of your request, we will provide account access to view recordings online.

Videotaped and still images of research participants are considered protected health information, and are therefore subject to HIPAA regulations. Only researchers and study staff already on the study’s IRB delegation log will be approved to view these recordings.


Best Regards,

The 22q IBBC Investigators
Raquel E. Gur, M.D., Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania
Carrie Bearden, Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles
Doron Gotheif, Ph.D., Tel Aviv University

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