Multi-modal Neuroimaging of Irritability in Youth

This study involves two visits to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. The first visit involves a) a clinical interview b) a computerized task that includes memory and puzzle-like problems and c) a urine drug screen and pregnancy test (if applicable). Participants will receive $80 for this study visit. The second visit includes a) a one-hour MRI scan, b) brief interviews, c) self-report questionnaires that ask about one’s mood and experiences, d) decision-making games on the computer, and e) a urine drug screen and pregnancy test (if applicable). For this study visit, participants will receive a base payment of $100 in addition to a variable payment ($0-$15) based on the choices made during the games. A negative pregnancy test will be required to continue with both study visits.

For both study visits, subjects will be reimbursed for travel expenses (transportation and parking).

If you are interested in participating, please contact Sage Rush at 267-441-9026.

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