Olfactory Evoked Potentials

Olfactory Evoked Potentials and Developmental Neuropathology in Schizophrenia

The objective of this study is to examine olfactory behavioral, electrophysiological and molecular abnormalities in patients with schizophrenia, NAYA genetic risk, NAYA clinical risk and age-matched healthy control subjects. The study is comprised of three components: a behavioral test of smell ability (2 hours), an electrophysiology portion in which the subject will undergo an EEG while smelling different odorants (2-3 hours) and a biopsy of the olfactory epithelium (1 hour).  NAYA subjects do participate in behavioral and EEG testing but they do not participate in the biopsy component – only schizophrenia patients and their age-matched controls undergo biopsy. Subjects are reimbursed $35 for the behavioral tests, $50 for the EEG and $75 for the olfactory biopsy.  Subjects who complete all appropriate components receive an additional $50 completion incentive. There are no more than minimal risks associated with this study.

Principal Investigator: Bruce Turetsky, M.D.

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