citing mstp grant on manuscripts

Acknowledging MSTP training grant support on publications

  • If you are an author on a paper and you were appointed to the MSTP grant at any time while you worked on the project, it is important that you cite that support. Typically, this means acknowledgments should include: “Name was supported by NIH Medical Scientist Training Program T32 GM007170”. (NOTE that for appointments starting 9/1/2023, the number of the grant will be changed to T32 GM148377).
  • Note that not all MD-PhD students are appointed to the grant.
  • If you are or were appointed, you would have completed xTrain trainee appointment paperwork from NIH. Students how are appointed to the grant are typically supported during years 1, 2 and 3. If you did not work on the particular project until after you were terminated from the grant, you do not need to acknowledge the grant.
  • If you are unsure of if/when you were appointed to the grant, contact our grants manager, Marianne Altland Williams to verify your support and appointment dates.
  • If you have related questions, check with Skip and/or your PI.