clerkship, elective and sub-i scheduling and info

A key deadline for planning is September of the final year of the program, when residency applications are submitted.
By this date, students will typically have completed:

  • All of their remaining clerkships
  • 2-6 elective months
  • 1 month sub-internship
  • And possibly Step 2 CK

Many senior MD-PhD students will have a schedule leading up to applying for residency that interweaves clerkships and electives.  For instance, a common schedule looks like this:

  • July-Sept: wrap up PhD and do MED 240 and 250 (2 weeks)
  • Late-Sept-Dec: clerkship block
  • Jan-Mar: 3 elective months
  • Apr-Jun: clerkship block
  • Jul-Aug: sub-I and elective or step 2 CK
  • Sept: residency application goes out

It can be very beneficial to begin to take electives before completing Core 2, in order to have earlier exposure to those electives for help in application planning. As noted elsewhere, it’s important to get nuanced advice and to be familiar with all of the expectations for applying in the field(s) you are considering, as you plan your return schedule.  The above will work well for some students.  Others may need to defend several months earlier.  Depending on clinical interests and goals, some students may complete all clerkships before doing any electives.

Seek out faculty advice, from residency career advisors and physician-scientist advisors in your field(s) of interests.  In addition, Dr. Jen Kogan, Associate Dean of Student Success and Professional Development is a helpful advisor for senior MD-PhD students regarding clinical scheduling issues.  Staff members can also help answer questions, and you can reach out to Maggie Krall with the MD-PhD Program and Beth Marra in the PSOM Registrar’s Office.

For information on course selection and career advising, go to:

Typical timing / process for scheduling

  • In consultation with the student and Maggie, the Registrar's Office creates grids in OASIS for core clerkships.  (This process typically begins in the spring for students returning in the upcoming calendar year – eg March 2023 for students returning later in 2023 and on track to graduate in 2025). 
  • Sub-I scheduling is typically in October for the following calendar year (eg 2023 for all sub-Is in 2024); Please follow up with the Registrar’s office regarding the add/drop policy for each core sub-I.
  • Elective scheduling is usually done in three batches (late November for Jan-April; February for May-September; June for October-December).