fellowship opportunities

Many fellowship opportunities are tied to particular research areas.  There are also fellowships that are broad in terms of area of research, but have other eligibility criteria- eg awards for underrepresented minority students.

Some fellowships current students hold or have applied for:

NIH Individual Fellowships

NIH Individual Fellowships - See award info for which Institutes support these, what their research priority areas are, and for eligibility criteria:

  • F30 Individual Predoctoral MD/PhD or Other Dual-Doctoral Degree Fellowship
    • NIH F30 Program Details
    • NIH PA-18-688 FOA for Institutions with NIH-Funded Training Programs (as of 2/16/18)
      • Please check the list of participating Institutes in the FOA
    • Note: as of March 2014, the new NIH eligibility requirement for a F30 grant is: an applicant must have matriculated into a dual-degree program no more than 48 months prior to the due date of the initial (-01) application. If you plan to apply for an F30, you will need to submit an initial application before or during your 4th year via the August 8, December 8, or April 8 deadlines.

      But what about the August deadline at the start of 5th year? That's right on the edge of eligibility for most students. We recommend 1) applying for the April date in 4th year if possible to be sure there’s no issue, or 2) contacting the relevant institute to get a definite answer on whether you’re eligible for the August deadline. If you choose option #2, we recommend you include in that email both their matriculation date (typically start of MD orientation - Amy can confirm the date for you) and your first day of MD classes if orientation is before the deadline, since that could make a difference.

  • F31 Predoctoral Fellowship to Promote Diversity in Health-Related Research
  • F31 Individual Predoctoral Fellowship


Soros Fellowship for New Americans (permanent residents; naturalized citizens; children of two parents who are naturalized citizens)


American Heart Association Predoctoral Fellowship (see Great Rivers Affiliate link)


Rheumatology Research Foundation (in 2017 created a new grant mechanism for MD/PhD students called the Rheumatology Future Physician Scientist Award)

Other fellowships

Check out the other fellowships that MD-PhD students can apply for.  Penn students can consider the fellowships on both List A and List B.  (We actively encourage students to consider applying for Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Awards from the NIH).  Your thesis mentor may also have suggestions about particular awards he/she thinks you should consider.

Science Grants & Funding - a list of other places you can search for information on funding programs. Unfortunately, most of them require a subscription for access.