relevant policies for fellowship recipients

  • Students are expected to abide by the conditions specified in their individual fellowship award, along with all relevant graduate group, School and University policies.
  • If the stipend amount provided by the fellowship is equal to or less than the current MD-PhD stipend level, then the student will continue to receive the current MD-PhD stipend level going forward.  If the stipend amount provided by the fellowship is greater than the current MD-PhD stipend level, the student will receive the full amount of the fellowship stipend for the duration of the award.
  • If the fellowship comes with funds for research expenses, cost of education allowance, and/or travel, Marianne Altland Williams or the relevant business administrator, can provide information about what the funds may be used for and how to process payment.
  • For students who are awarded a significant (non-NIH) external fellowship, the CD program provides students with a Cost of Education allowance of $2,500/year, to support their educational and research activities. Fellows can use their allowance to fund travel to conferences related to their research field, books, lab supplies, one computer and associated peripherals. iPads and similar devices are also OK. If not spent in one year, funds can be carried over to the next but NOT beyond the end of your external fellowship.