RTC checklist

The following items all need to be taken care of during the penultimate year, before returning to clerkships. This info is provided by the Registrar's Office. Please contact them if you have questions.

N95 Respirator Fit Testing

Respirator Fit Testing needs to be repeated even if you’ve already gone through the process before. Respirator Fit Testing is a requirement for Core 2 since you are likely to come in contact with patients who have suspected or diagnosed communicable diseases. These diseases can be spread by a variety of mechanisms, including by small airborne particles. The diseases that fall into this category include, most notably, tuberculosis and varicella zoster (chicken pox virus). In order to protect your safety, it is essential that you wear an N-95 mask in these situations. For N-95 masks to protect you appropriately, they must fit you appropriately.

The easiest way to be tested is with the 1st years in April. Student Health sends representatives to the School so many students can be taken care of in one afternoon. If the dates are not convenient, then an individual appointment can be made at Student Health. A checklist is set-up in OASIS, so you can add the size and date of fit test when you’re all set.

pennchart (EPIC) training

Required Pennchart training that must be completed before returning to clinics is available via self-directed modules in Knowledge Link. Enter PennChart (EPIC) eLearning for Medical Students into the “Find Learning” search box and click on “Go”.  Hover over the course title and then click on “Assign to Me”. Best time to complete training is 4 weeks before your first return clinical experience.

Additional recommended Pennchart (EPIC) training modules are available via the Clerkship Resources Canvas page.

TB Testing

All PSOM students were required to complete a 2-step PPD or Quantiferon Gold upon matriculation. Now, per CDC guidelines, individuals who have completed initial TB testing no longer require annual screening unless they have risk factors (such as symptoms or exposure risk).

Please complete the form at: https://www.cdc.gov/tb/topic/infectioncontrol/pdf/healthCareSettings-assessment.pdf. You are considered at increased risk for TB if any of the following statements are marked “Yes” and will need TB screening.

If you answer “yes” to any of the statements, you must schedule an immunization appointment with Student Health Service at 215-746-3535. The TB screening results need to be copied from the Immunization Events section of your SHS record and pasted into a checklist in OASIS. Your SHS record can be found by going to https://shs.upenn.edu.

Varicella Titer

If you've had a Varicella illness, you will need a positive titer. Otherwise, you will need proof of two immunizations.

VA paperwork

The process changes every year, so stay tuned for emails from the Registrar.

background checks

FBI fingerprint clearance, PA background check, and PA Child Abuse clearance are good for 5 years.   You’ll be notified when the process needs to be repeated.