Student diversity action committee

Penn MSTP Student Diversity Action Committee

In light of ongoing racial injustice, students in the MSTP formed a Diversity Action Committee to combat anti-black and anti-URM racism within the MSTP, promote URM student interests/wellness, enhance diversity recruitment efforts, and facilitate increased engagement with the Philadelphia community regarding anti-racism efforts.
The DAC goals are centered around initiatives outlined in a student body letter to the MSTP. The DAC works with administration to be accountable to these initiatives, and to build collective strategies and resources for these initiatives. It does this through 3 subcommittees as follows:

  • Admissions and Recruitment
    • Goal: contribute to greater diversity in the Penn MSTP community through expanded recruitment activities and increased transparency   
    • Committee representatives to MSTP Steering: Rohan Palanki and Derek Sung
  • Outreach and Advocacy
    • Goals: Establish annual anti-racism event;  expand outreach to high school students that increase early opportunities for under-represented minorities to engage in research careers
    • Committee representatives to MSTP Steering: Alex Chen and Nina Kuprasertkul
  • Student Support
    • Goal: Enhance support and mentorship for current URM Penn MSTP students
    • Committee Representatives to MSTP Steering: Karun Kiani


  • General body meetings are held monthly and open to all Penn MSTP students
  • Sub-committees meet regularly in between general body meetings
  • The co-chairs of the three committees meet with the MSTP Steering Committee on a monthly basis