student resources

The MD-PhD students below have volunteered to be a resource for our current Penn MD-PhD students who are considering applying for an individual fellowship. You can e-mail them with particular questions or to arrange to get together and talk over the process:

 Student  Grad Group Year Awarded Agency / Org
Joseph Aicher GCB 2019 NICHD
China Byrns NGG 2019 NINDS (F31)
Saisai Chen CAMB 2019 NCI 
Ian Cohn CAMB 2022 NIAID
David Dai NGG 2022 NIA
Noa Erlitzki BMB 2024 NCI
Niklaus Evitt CAMB 2020 NHGRI
Zach Gardner CAMB 2024 AHA Predoc Fellowship
Jordan Harris IGG 2021 NIAMS
Erin Hollander CAMB 2020 NCI
Nicolette Johnson CAMB 2019 NIAID (F31)
Katie Kixmoeller BMB 2020 NCI
Likhitha Kolla Biostat 2022 NLM (F31)
Claudia Lovell CAMB 2020 Rheumatology Research Foundation
Daniel Park CAMB 2020 NICHD
Kenneth Pham CAMB 2023 NICHD
Juan Serrano BMB 2019 NCI (F31)
Kamen Simeonov CAMB 2018; 2018 NIDDK; Blavatnik Family Fellowship
Matthew Sullivan BMB 2022 NIAID
Stephanie Teeple EPID 2019 NLM (F31)
Beth Thompson BE 2021 NHLBI
Ellen White CAMB 2021 NIAMS
Karen Xu BE 2021 NIA

Many of the above students have provided our office with a copy of their application for current Penn MD-PhD students to review. If you’d like to request a copy, please contact the Associate Director of the CD Office.