Research Programs

Sleep and Circadian Neurobiology

Basic and clinical research on mechanisms of healthy sleep and sick sleep, circadian rhythms, and sleep disorders.
Comprehensive clinical care for the full spectrum of sleep disorders.

Basic Research Areas include:

  • Molecular and cellular effects of sleep loss
  • Behavioral and cognitive effects of sleep loss
  • Functions of sleep
  • Mechanisms of anesthesia
  • Molecular and cellular mechanisms of circadian rhythms
  • Neuronal injury in sleep apnea
  • Regulation of sleep
  • Sleep during sickness

Clinical Research Areas include:

  • Genetic and anatomical risk factors for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)
  • Cardiovascular consequences of OSA
  • Treatments for OSA
  • Treatment outcomes in OSA
  • Sleep in the elderly
  • Sleep in neurodegenerative disease (Dr. Chahine)
  • Sleep and metabolic disease
  • Chronotherapy for affective disorders
  • Behavioral treatments for insomnia
  • Novel systems for care delivery: telemedicine and occupational sleep medicine

Centers and Programs