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Congrats to Katy on Quals!
June 24, 2024
HUGE congratulations to Katy Strand for passing her qualification exam!! We are all so proud of your hard work and dedication to your biomechanical research. Way to go Katy!

Congrats to Stanton on his Quals!
June 11, 2024
Congratulations to Stanton Godshall for successfully completing and passing his qualification exam. We are so proud of all your hard work! Way to go Stanton!

Congrats to Michelle (again)!
March 26, 2024
Shoutout to our very own Michelle Kwon for another med school acceptance! Congratulations to Michelle for her acceptance into UPenn's Perelman School of Medicine. Your future is bright!

New Additions to the Baxter Lab
January 12, 2024
We are very happy to have both Michelle Meyers and Stanton Godshall join the Human Motion Lab where they will complete their doctoral training in bioengineering while being mentored by Dr. Baxter. We are excited to see where their research takes them!

Congratulations to Michelle!
December 21, 2023
Congratulations to our very own Michelle Kwon for her acceptance into Robert Wood Johnson Medical School! We are all so proud of her and of all the hard work she has done. We are all confident she will do great things in her future as a doctor!

Baxter Lab Trip to UDel
October 26, 2023
The Baxter Lab had such a great time visiting our collaborators at the University of Delaware yesterday! We got a wonderful tour of their facilities, listened to our own Dr. Baxter give a seminar on his work with markerless motion capture and wearable sensors, and enjoyed their famous creamery ice cream and cows! Thank you to everyone in the UDel Tendon Group for planning the special day for us all, especially Dr. Karin Silbernagel and Andy Smith.

Welcome Katy!
October 25, 2023
Welcome to Katy Strand our new BE PhD student who is rotating through the Baxter Lab during the second half of the fall semester!

Welcome Michelle and Stanton
September 06, 2023
Michelle Meyers and Stanton Godshall are new BE PhD students and are rotating through the Baxter Lab during Fall semester!

Michelle Kwon wins 1st prize for her podium talk at Research Day!
September 06, 2023
Congrats to Michelle for wowing a packed room of orthopaedic practitioners and researchers at the 2023 Penn Orthopaedic Research day! Her impactful work on monitoring patient activity and tendon loading in the real-world is currently under review.

Congrats to Todd Hullfish for passing his BE quals
June 14, 2023
Congratulations to Todd Hullfish for passing his BE qualification exam. great job!

Congratulations to Maggie Wagner for receiving a NSF GRFP!
March 29, 2023
Maggie received the NSF GRFP that will support her ground breaking research in Achilles tendon health using high-density EMG muscle sensing as a collaboration with Dr. Flavia Vitale's lab in Penn BE!

Congratulations to Dr. Song for his 1st author publication in AJSM
March 28, 2023
Dr. Song's 1st author paper 'Patellofemoral Joint Loading Progression Across 35 Weight-Bearing Rehabilitation Exercises and Activities of Daily Living' was just accepted for publication in the American Journal of Sports Medicine!

Baxter Lab part of the new NIH supported Penn Achilles Tendinopathy - Center of Research Translation!
February 01, 2023
The Baxter Lab is part of an exciting NIH/NIAMS supported P50 project to study Achilles tendinopathy!

Small animal dynamometer to translate preclinical findings to the clinic is published!
November 23, 2022
Congrats to My My for her 1st author publication in the Journal of Biomechanics describing our small animal dynamometer and how it can translate preclinical findings to the clinic.

Baxter Lab ORS abstracts!
November 12, 2022
Congrats to our lab members who will be representing us at the ORS 2023 meeting in Dallas! Todd Hullfish will give a podium talk describing ways to manage rehabilitation loading, Ke Song will present a poster on knee joint loading during exercise, and My My Tang will present a poster on why repairing an Achilles tendon rupture restores more function that non-surgical care.

Baxter Lab receives R01 to study Achilles tendinopathy neuromechanics
September 24, 2022
The Baxter Lab received a R01 from NIAMS/NIH to define the neuromechanical mechanisms of Achilles tendinopathy. This is a collaboration with Dr. Flavia Vitale in the Department of Neurology at Penn.

Welcome Sittinon!
September 08, 2022
Sittinon Neuthong is beginning his fall rotation through the Baxter Lab where he'll be studying Achilles tendon loading biomechanics in patients with tendinopathy.

Welcome Julianne!
September 01, 2022
We are excited for Julianne Meader to join the Baxter Lab to research precision rehabilitation strategies for Achilles tendon injuries.

Welcome Maggie!
August 18, 2022
Maggie Wagner is beginning her doctoral training in Biomedical Engineering and will be co-mentored by Drs. Baxter and Vitale.

Baxter lab receives NIH grant to study precision rehabilitation
August 17, 2022
The Baxter Lab just received an R21 award from the NIH to study precision rehabilitation strategies to improve functional outcomes following Achilles tendon ruptures!

Welcome Michelle!
July 07, 2022
We are excited to welcome Michelle Kwon to the Baxter Lab as a research specialist! Michelle will help run our clinical research projects on Achilles tendon injuries.

Welcome Madison!
April 22, 2022
We are excited to welcome Madison Woods to the Baxter Lab as a research specialist! Madison will help run our clinical research projects on Achilles tendon injuries.

Congrats to Todd!
April 19, 2022
We are very excited that Todd Hullfish is starting his PhD in the Bioengineering program this fall!

Career and Personal Development Programs at ORS 2022!
December 19, 2021
Want to learn how to develop and manage a research budget or write a high-impact biosketch? Join us at ORS - free workshops (but registration is required) developed by Josh Baxter.

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