Baxter Laboratory



Postdoctoral Fellows

Graduate Students

Research Staff

Research Physical Therapist

Undergraduate Researchers


Collaborating Clinicians

Casey Humbryd, MD, MBE

Lorraine Boakeye, MD

Quinn Tate, MD, MS

Karin Silbernagel, PhD, MS

Dan Farber, MD

Lab Alumni

Postdoctoral Fellows

Ryan Crotin, PhD - Baseball Performance Advisor

John Drazan, PhD - Assistant Professor, Electrical and Biomedical Engineering, Fairfield University

Research Staff

Julianne Meader

My My Tang

Madison Woods

Michelle Kwon

Cassidy Landis

Summer Research Students

Bryson Houston - Medical Student - Penn Medicine

Andrew North - Medical Student - Penn Medicine

Undergraduate Researchers

Michelle Kroch

Annelise Slater

Kaneel Senevirathne

Neza Stefanic

Donde Shilpa

Rena Mathew

Jenna Qualter

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