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The Heo Lab is dedicated to advancing nuclear mechanobiology and tissue engineering for the development of innovative therapeutic approaches in musculoskeletal repair and regeneration.

Our multidisciplinary research team is committed to understanding the intricate interplay between the biophysical environment and cell biology within the context of musculoskeletal tissue remodeling, encompassing aspects such as development, disease, degeneration, and repair. To address these fundamental questions, we employ cutting-edge experimental techniques, including Super-resolution Stochastic Optical Reconstruction Microscopy (STORM), that allow us to delve into the nanoscale regulation of cellular behaviors by biophysical cues. We aim to precisely manipulate the cellular microenvironment, opening up avenues for innovative research in this field. Furthermore, our research goes beyond elucidating fundamental mechanisms. We aspire to translate our findings and knowledge into practical applications, particularly in engineering complex functional tissue constructs. To achieve this, we utilize various fabrication techniques, such as electrospinning and 3D bioprinting, which are pivotal in the realm of regenerative medicine.

Overall, the Heo Lab is committed to pushing the boundaries of knowledge in nuclear mechanobiology, tissue engineering, and regenerative medicine. We aim to contribute to the development of innovative therapeutic strategies and functional tissue constructs that have the potential to revolutionize musculoskeletal repair and regeneration.

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Lab News

Congratulations to Ellen and Molly!
July 26, 2023
Huge congratulations Ellen & Molly on passing their Ph.D. qualifying exams! Now, new Ph.D. Candidates in the lab!

Congratulations to Ellen!
July 07, 2023
Ellen and Hannah's proposal has been selected for the CEMB Trainee Pilot Award!! Way to go Ellen!

Congratulations to Molly!
June 20, 2023
Molly's project has been selected to participate in Penn Health-Tech’s 2023 Health-Tech Accelerator cohort! Way to go!

Welcome to The Heo Lab, Jaeun Jung!
April 27, 2023
Welcome to our new Student Researcher Jaeun Jung!

Congratulations to Catherine Wang, Yuna Heo, Tyler Blanch, and Eon Zhang!
April 06, 2023
Their new PhD program acceptances!

Eon Zhang (Duke U, BME)
Yuna Heo (UPenn, BE)
Tyler Blanch (UPenn, BE)
Catherine Wang (UPenn, BE)

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