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The Heo Lab is focused on nuclear mechanobiology and tissue engineering to develop new therapeutic strategies for musculoskeletal repair and regeneration. Our research team explores the feedback between the biophysical environment and cell biology in the context of musculoskeletal tissue remodeling (with development, disease, degeneration, or repair). We also develop innovative methods to enable precise control of the cellular microenvironment and utilize sophisticated experimental techniques [e.g., Super-resolution stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy (STORM)] to address our fundamental questions about how biophysical cues regulate cellular behaviors at the nanoscale. In addition, our team aims to expand our findings and knowledge to engineer complex functional tissue constructs for regenerative medicine applications using fabrication techniques (e.g., electrospinning and 3D Bioprinting).

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Lab News

Congratulations to the Heo Lab!
February 02, 2023
Congratulations to Dr.Heo and Heo Lab for being awarded NIH/NIAMS R50 Grant Award and for being part of an exciting project to study Achilles Tendinopathy! (Penn Achilles Tendinopathy Center of Research Translation). Our group (Project 2) will explore the relationship between the remodeling of chromatin — the material that makes up chromosomes — and how cells in tendons operate.

Welcome to The Heo Lab, Remi Greenberg
January 16, 2023
Welcome to our Undergrad Student Remi Greenberg.

Welcome to The Heo Lab, Catherine Wang!
January 09, 2023
Welcome to our Research Engineer, Catherine Wang

Congratulations to the Heo Lab!
December 27, 2022
Congratulations to Dr.Heo and Heo Lab for being awarded NIH/NHLBI R01 Grant Award for 2023-2027!

Congratulations to Molly!
November 23, 2022
Congratulations to Molly on on winning best poster award at PCMD Annual Scientific Symposium!

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