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We are recruiting outstanding and highly motivated multiple levels of researchers including Research staff, Undergradute researchers, Graduate students, and Postdoctoral fellows. Candidates should be highly motivated with research interests in cell & molecular biology, nuclear mechanobiology, biomaterials, biomechanics, and/or regenerative medicine for musculoskeletal repair and regeneration. Candidates should also exhibit an interest in improving diversity, equity, and inclusion within science and engineering. If you would like to be informed of any new openings, please send an email to heosc@upenn.edu

Research Staff Positions

We are currently inviting outstanding Research staff who will provide technical assistance and be involved in lab management. The Research Staff will also carry out independent experiments under the supervision of the PI and other senior staff. The candidate must be self-motivated, reliable, responsible, and comfortable with quantitative and cell-based research methods. Previous experience in biomedical research is preferred. Good organization, communication, and writing skills are required. Computer literacy in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint is required. BS in an engineering (Biomedical, Chemical, Mechanical) or quantitative biological field of study and 0-3 years of experience, or equivalent combination of education and experience, are required. For further information, please email Dr. Su Chin Heo (heosc@upenn.edu) including your C.V. (or resume). 

Postdoctoral Positions

We currently are inviting outstanding and highly motivated postdoctoral fellows with expertise in molecular mechanobiology, computational biology, and/or epigenomics. The successful candidate(s) will become part of a multidisciplinary team (that spans Bioengineering, Physiology, Genetics, Biomaterials, Biomechanics), focused on analyzing the 3D organization of epigenomes in musculoskeletal dense connective tissues (including meniscus, cartilage, and tendons). The overall goal of the projects is to elucidate how nuclear mechanobiology controls cellular phenotype through the 3D genome organization, especially over the course of diseases of musculoskeletal dense connective tissues (e.g., tendinosis, osteoarthritis) using super-resolution imaging methods as well as genome-wide quantitative techniques

Applicants are required to hold a Ph.D., M.D., or both. Expertise in molecular and/or computational biology is required, including, but not limited to, genome editing, chromatin immunoprecipitation, chromosome-conformation-capture, computational biology, machine learning, and/or bioinformatics (for high-throughput sequencing and genomics analysis). Candidates with some level of bioinformatics/machine learning experience analyzing genome-wide epigenetic data sets will be considered favorably. Excellent verbal and written communication skills and presentation skills are also important.

For further information or to submit your application, please email Dr. Su Chin Heo (heosc@upenn.edu). Please submit a CV, a cover letter with a brief description of research experience and interests, and 2 or more references. Reference letters must be submitted directly by the referee to Dr. Su Chin Heo (heosc@upenn.edu). The position will remain open until filled.

Graduate Positions

  • M.S. Student Positions: We are currently recruiting outstanding/motivated M.S. Students who will provide technical assistance or will perform their M.S. thesis works with us. If you would like to be informed of the openings, please send an email to Dr. Heo (heosc@upenn.edu).
  • Ph.D. Student Positions: TBD in the fall 2023. 

Undergraduate Positions

We have multiple undergraduate research opportunities. Please contact Dr. Heo (heosc@upenn.edu) about available positions if you are interested. 

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