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 Amazing presentation from our CEMB UExB student, Lucy Hederick. We are very proud of you, Lucy!


 Congratulations, Eon! Good luck on your new journey at Duke!



Heo Lab ORS presentations at a glance!

Se-Hwan giving his NIRA talk.

...And podium talk!

Molly won second place in the ORS Tendon Section elevator pitch competition. GO MOLLY!

Ellen giving her first ORS podium talk.

Ellen's poster.

Eon giving a poster pitch at ORS Meniscus Section!

Korean ORS 2023 dinner. We all had so much fun meeting old and new friends and colleagues, and of course the delicious BBQ :)

Heo Lab celebration dinner on the last day! Congratulations everyone, looking forward to next year's ORS at Long Beach, CA!


Se-Hwan and Eon having fun at their first BMES conference in San Antonio, TX! 


Fun post-ORS deadline BBQ party during Labor Day weekend!


Congratulations, Saeed and Lena!


Congratulations Ellen!

Congratulations and good luck with your new journey!


The Heo Lab is introduced at the 2021 ORS Meniscus Section.


Our first virtual happy hour!

Our proud team in 2020 during the pandemic! 

Lab lunch with our members before we start a busy semester. Cheers!

Good Luck with your new journey at Rice University!


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