Liu Laboratory

Carina Lott

Undergraduate Student in Bioengineering

University of Pennsylvania


Los Angeles, CA


Candidate for B.S.E in Bioengineering, 2016, University of Pennsylvania

Areas of Special Interest


Outside of the lab, Carina enjoys running, hiking, baking, and traveling.


Altman AR, Lott C, Tseng W-J, de Bakker CMJ, Liou SD, Lin T, Qin L, Liu XS. Intermittent PTH after prolonged bisphosphonate treatment improves trabecular bone microarchitecture and alleviates bone tissue hypermineralization by inducing substantial new bone formation. American Society of Bone and Mineral Research, Houston, TX, 2014.

Li C, Lott C, Altman AR, de Bakker CMJ, Liu XS. Comparison between ovariectomy and lactation induced bone loss: a dynamic imaging study. Poster Presentation. Orthopaedic Research Society Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA, 2014.

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