Shore Laboratory

Douglas Roberts

Research Specialist

University of Pennsylvania


Dallas, Pennsylvania


Master of Biotechnology Degree, Dec. 2002

University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering & Applied Science, Philadelphia, PA

Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology, Minor in Chemistry, May 1998

DeSales University, Center Valley, PA

Areas of Special Interest

Flow Cytometry, Immune Biology, Bone Formation

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Jacenko O; Campbell MR; Roberts DW. (2002). Linking endochondral ossification to hematopoiesis. In: The Growth Plate, Vol.54, (IM Shapiro; B Boyan; HV Anderson. eds.) IOS Press, Washington DC,

pp. 159-73.

Jacenko O; Roberts DW; Campbell MR; McManus PM; Gress CJ; Tao Z. (2002).

Linking Hematopoiesis to endochondral skeletogenesis through analysis of mice transgenic for collagen X. Am. J Pathol. 160(6): 2019-34.

Sweeney E; Roberts D; Corbo T; Jacenko O. (2010). Collagen X supports hematopoietic development. PLoS ONE [Electronic Resource]. 5(3):e9518

Sweeney E; Roberts D; Jacenko O. (2011). Altered matrix at the chondro-osseous junction leads to defects in lymphopoiesis. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. 1237:79-87.

Sweeney E; Roberts D; Lin A; Guldberg R; Jacenko O. (2013). Defective endochondral ossificationderived matrix and bone cells alter the lymphopoietic niche in collagen X mouse models. Stem Cells & Development. 22(19):2581-95

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