Qin Laboratory

Leilei Zhong, Ph.D

Post-doctoral Researcher



Contact Information

Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania
Stemmler Hall
36th Street and Hamilton Walk
Philadelphia, PA 19104


2005-2009: Bachelor of Science (Life Sciences) Linyi University (China)
2009-2012: Master of Science (Radiation Medicine) Peking Union Medical College, Tsinghua University (China)
2012-2016: Ph.D. in Cellular and Molecular Biology. University of Twente (Netherlands)


Leilei Zhong*, Xiaobin Huang, Emilie Dooms Rodrigues, Jeroen C.H. Leijten, Theo Verrips, Mohamed El Khattabi, Marcel Karperien, Janine N. Post. Endogenous DKK1 and FRZB Regulate Chondrogenesis and Hypertrophy in Three-Dimensional Cultures of Human Chondrocytes and Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells. Stem Cells Dev. 2016 Dec 1;25(23):1808-1817.

Leilei Zhong*, Xiaobin Huang, Marcel Karperien, Janine N. Post. Correlation between gene expression and osteoarthritis progression in human. Int J Mol Sci. 2016 Jul 14;17(7).

Leilei Zhong*, Xiaobin Huang, Marcel Karperien, Janine N. Post. The Regulatory Role of Signaling Crosstalk in Hypertrophy of MSCs and Human Articular Chondrocytes. Int J Mol Sci. 2015 Aug 14;16(8):19225-47.

Ma B, Zhong L, van Blitterswijk CA, Post JN, Karperien M. T cell factor 4 is a pro-catabolic and apoptotic factor in human articular chondrocytes by potentiating nuclear factor κB signaling. J Biol Chem. 2013 Jun 14;288(24):17552-8

Leilei Zhong*, Bing Yang, Xiaobin Huang, et al. Effect of Notch Signaling Pathway in the differentiation of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell-derived osteoblasts. China J Osteoporos, 2011, 17(4):1006-7108. (Chinese Journal)

Leilei Zhong*, Bing Yang, Yuanming Sun, et al. Effect of radiation on Collagen type I mRNA expressions in mouse osteoblast in vitro. International Journal of Biomedical Engineering, 2011, 34 (5): 261-264. (Chinese Journal)

Leilei Zhong*, Bing Yang, Xiaobin Huang, et al. Functions of RANKL/RANK/OPG system in mutual modulation between osteoblasts and osteoclasts. China J Osteoporosis, 2011, 17(11): 1010-1013 (Chinese Journal) 

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