Shore Laboratory

Niambi Brewer

Niambi Brewer

PhD Student, Cell and Molecular Biology Graduate Group, GGR Program
University of Pennsylvania


B.S. Biology, 2014, University of Maryland Baltimore Country, Baltimore, MD

Research Interests

Niambi joined the Shore lab in the summer of 2015. She has a broad interest in the genetics and molecular changes involved in human genetic disorders. She is currently working on two main projects: an investigation of the genome of FOP patients for variability in disorder presentation; and an investigation of the cellular mechanism of the response to POH-like loss of GNAS expression.


Ramaswamy, G., J. Fong, N. Brewer, H. Kim, D. Zhang, Y. Choi, F.S. Kaplan, and E.M. Shore (2018). Ablation of Gsa signaling in osteoclast progenitor cells adversely affects skeletal bone maintenance. Bone 109, 86-90.

Ware, A.D., N. Brewer, E. McCarthy, E.M. Shore, and A.W. James. Differential vascularity in genetic and non-genetic heterotopic ossification. International J. Surg. Pathology, accepted May 22, 2019.

Convente, M.R., O.W. Towler, A.K. Stanley, N.S. Brewer, R.S. Allen, F.S. Kaplan, and E.M. Shore (2018). Fibrodysplasia (Myositis) Ossificans Progressiva, Chapter 30. Genetics of Bone Biology and Skeletal Disease, 2nd Edition. Chapter 30, pp. 523-545. Editors: R.V. Thakker, M.P. Whyte, J.A. Eisman, and T. Igarashi



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