Liu Laboratory

Wonsae Lee, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow


Daegu, South Korea


Stony Brook University Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering 2020

University of Pennsylvania M.S. Biotechnology 2016

Syracuse University B.S. Biochemistry 2011


Snowboarding, Playing basketball

Research Areas of Interest

Bone metabolism, Mechanotransduction, Osteoarthritis


Recipient of Certificate of Completion of the “Fundamentals of Bioscience Industry” (Stony Brook Univ., 2019)

Recipient of Certificate of Completion of the “Scholars in Biomedical Science” (Stony Brook Univ., 2018)

Founding Fathers’ scholarship Academic Achievement Award (Syracuse Univ., 2006)

Interdisciplinary Biochemistry Program Merit Scholarship (Syracuse Univ.,2006)


  1. Lee W, Sun Y, Feng G, Yang J, Qin YX. Mechanotransductive Promotion of Bone Tissue Regeneration in Critical Bone Defect by In Vivo Functional Dynamic Fluid Flow. World Congress of Biomechanics 2018, Dublin, Ireland. July 8-12, 2018. Podium Presentation.
  2. Lee W, Lee M, Domingo A, Feng G, Yang J, Qin YX. Acceleration of Bone Critical Defect Regeneration by In Vivo Dynamic Fluid Flow Stimulation. Orthopedic Research Society Annual Meeting, Austin, TX, Feb 2-5, 2019.
  3. Lee W, Georgas E, Hassan C, Komatsu DE, Qin YX. Early Low-intensity Ultrasound Treatment Prevents Osteoarthritic Pain in Post-traumatic Osteoarthritis. Orthopedic Research Society Annual Meeting, Phoenix, AZ, Feb 7-11, 2020.


  1. Hu M, Lee W, Jiao J, Li X, Gibbons DE, Hassan C, Tian GW, Qin YX. Mechanobiological Modulation by Acoustic Radiation Force on In Situ and In Vivo Osteocyte Calcium Oscillation. Ann NY Acad Sci. 2020 Jan;1460(1):68-76.
  2. Hassan C, Lee W, Komatsu DE, Qin YX. Effect of Cartilage Endplate Sclerosis on Fluid Flow in the Nucleus Pulposus: A Poro-elastic Finite Element Study. Biomech. Model. Mechanobiol. 2020.
  3. Lee W, Georgas E, Hassan C, Lee M, Chuah J, Komatsu D, Qin YX. Early Low-Intensity Ultrasound Treatment Slows the Progression of OA Symptoms and Associated Pain in a Rat Model. Osteoarth. Cartil. 2020. (under review)
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