Genetic Counseling

The University of Pennsylvania HD Center has a team of highly qualified and experienced Genetic Counselors who meet with patients and their families to discuss genetic testing and provide support throughout the process.


What is a Genetic Counselor?
  • Genetic counselors have specialized graduate training in areas of medical genetics and counseling. They work in tandem with a patient's doctors and healthcare team in order to ensure they receive the best and most effective care possible.
How does the Genetic Counselor help patients and their families? 
  • Our genetic counselors discuss a patient's individual situation and help the patient and their families make informed decisions concerning their genetic health.
Does a patient have to meet with a Genetic Counselor to get tested?
  • Yes, all individuals considering genetic testing must meet with a genetic counselor in person at the HD Center.

  • It is imperative that patients meet with a genetic counselor in order to make sure that a multitude of factors and actions have been considered before an informed decision is made.

  • Genetic counselors will also meet with patients following their testing in order to continue a line of communication and support and to help provide the patient and their family information for the next step if necessary.

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Does a patient have to plan to get tested to meet with a Genetic Counselor?
  • No, an individual does not have to plan to get tested to meet with a genetic counselor. After speaking with a genetic counselor, individuals may decide that they would like to get tested, or they may decide to not get tested at that time.
  • Speaking with a genetic counselor does not mean that an individual has to undergo the genetic testing process. Genetic counseling will ensure that an individual has accurate and up-to-date information on which to base their decision.