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One of the highlights of our program is superb psychotherapy training.  Fitting that the cradle of CBT therapy should offer this!  We start with psychotherapy training early at Penn and expose residents to basic concepts in their intern year.  As a Penn resident, you will learn about multiple modalities of therapy: supportive, psychodynamic, cognitive, CBT, couples and family, DBT and group.  You’ll start getting practical exposure on the inpatient units as an intern, and by the end of second year will start your first outpatient case.  By the end of your PGY4 year, you will leave Penn as an extremely capable CBT therapist and supportive psychotherapist, and you will know the fundamentals of psychodynamic psychotherapy.






Intro to psychotherapy
Basics of psychodynamic, CBT, supportive, group
Intensive didactics psychodynamic, CBT, family systems, group
Advanced didactics psychodynamic, CBT, family systems
Observed expert psychodynamic psychotherapy


Supportive PT inpatient
Supportive PT inpatient
Start long-term mid-way through PGY2
Therapy caseload of 3 (research) to 7 (psychotherapy certificate) hours weekly of CBT/psychodynamic or supportive
Psychotherapy Assessment Clinic, weekly
Therapy caseload of 3 (research) to 7 (psychotherapy certificate) hours weekly of CBT/psychodynamic or supportive
Electives in DBT, Group therapy, Couples therapy


General, weekly while on service
General, weekly
2 general supervisors, 1 CBT supervisor; meet weekly
2+ general, 1 CBT, 1 couples/family (optional)


Monthly Support/Process
Biweekly, Balint
Immersive weekend process experience with expert group therapist
Biweekly, Balint
Biweekly, Process

Psychotherapy Research

  • Center for the Treatment and Study of Anxiety
  • Center for Cognitive Therapy
  • Beck Institute
  • Center for Psychotherapy Research

Psychotherapy Certificate Program

Click here to learn more about the Psychotherapy Certificate Program.

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