Penn Psychotherapy Training

Psychotherapy Didactics

  • Seminars on supportive, psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral therapy, prolonged exposure treatment, exposure and response prevention, motivational interviewing, dialectical behavioral therapy
  • Cases conferences each year
  • On-unit seminars on inpatient psychotherapy
  • Observed Continuous Cases - psychodynamic, cognitive, CBT, systems

Residents' Psychotherapy Practice (RPP)

  • First patient PGY2
  • Individual psychotherapy
  • Diverse caseload, including supportive, psychodynamic, CBT
  • Min. 5 hours/week patients seen
  • Couples/Family Therapy
  • Group Therapy, including DBT Group (optional)

Psychotherapy Supervision

  • Begins PGY2 year
  • General, Psychodynamic, CBT, Couples/Family, Group
  • 3 Supervisors in PGY3, 3 or 4 in PGY4

Psychotherapy Research

  • Center for the Treatment and Study of Anxiety
  • Beck Institute
  • Center for Psychotherapy Research

Psychotherapy Track

Click here to learn more about the Psychotherapy Track

Special Programs

Annual Penn Psychotherapy Professorship

This annual educational program, which has featured Aaron Beck, MD, Marsha Linehan, PhD, Glen Gabbard, MD and others,  brings a national psychotherapy expert to meet with residents for a half-day devoted to teaching and case discussion about a specialized topic in psychotherapy.

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