Presentation Technology

Contacts & Requests


Ray Rollins, Associate Director, Classroom Technology | 215-746-8120
Joe Lavin, Manager of Classroom Technology | 215-898-1947

AV Rental & Service Requests (Across Penn Medicine)

To reserve all AV equipment or to schedule services, use the room request or AV rental request form on the EMS Web App.

[♦] Indicates technology that is standardized throughout the buildings and locations of Penn Medicine and fully supported by MTP.


Installed in most locations throughout Penn Medicine, LCD projectors (flat screen monitors) allow for multiple connections using HDMI, VGA, and (in some locations) wireless presentation devices.

♦ Mersive Solstice

Mersive Solstice is a wireless collaboration and presentation platform that allows any number of users to securely display content from laptops and mobile devices onto the room monitor.

Other Technologies

For information on computer keyboards and mice, laser pointers, slide advancing remote controls, and more, download the sheet on other technologies.

Technology by Room/Space

For a list of all available equipment and technology in auditoriums, classrooms, and other spaces, download the sheet on technology by space.