Studio Production Services

Contacts & Scheduling

JMEC Studio Scheduling

For ALL scheduling, contact a Video Production team member, below.

Kevin Flanigan, Associate Director, Video Production Services | 215-898-8908
Syd Redmond, Manager for Video Production Services | 215-573-5013

Media Technology & Production (MTP) Services

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Studio Recordings

The Jordan Medical Education Center (JMEC) is equipped with a 200-square-foot, two-camera television studio and video production facility featuring virtual sets, live broadcast options, and high-quality audio/video services. To learn more about the studio's advanced capabilities, watch this brief video.

Location Recordings

MTP has portable video equipment for recording outside of the JMEC studio at locations on campus and off. MTP handles location recordings on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us to discuss your video production needs.


Using an array of postproduction software, MTP staff can edit film, make corrections, add or enhance graphics and music, and even incorporate animation.  

Once your video is completed, MTP can provide you with a file in the format(s) you need to upload to your department’s website, YouTube or Vimeo, or to scientific journals.