Scholarly Pursuit

A Scholarly Pursuit project is a focused, mentored full-time commitment. The project must revolve around a specific hypothesis and work that aims to test it. The Scholarly Pursuit requirement can be fulfilled in one of three ways: 

  • A three-month research project, conducted under the supervision of a faculty mentor
  • A yearlong research project, post Core 2, conducted under the supervision of a faculty mentor. 
  • By earning a second degree after matriculation into medical school 

Requirements and Approvals 

  • Registration is via an Arranged Activity form which can be accessed by logging in here:
  • Follow the instructions:
  • Students are expected to devote at least three (3) months to the project; consecutive months are preferred.
  • The student’s mentor is responsible for approving the structure of the project and the time commitment per week. If the project period includes residency interviews or nonconsecutive months, the mentor and student must agree that the project's goals will be met. In this case, students may be able to continue their work by analyzing results, collecting data, independent reading, etc.  
  • At the end of the project, a final report is required. It must be either: 
    1. A manuscript draft submitted for publication 
    2. A paper of approximately 10 pages, double spaced, which includes the following:  
      • An opening paragraph (approximately 300 words) summarizing the project and results  
      • A brief statement of the hypotheses tested  
      • Background information, which can be from the proposal submitted to register the research project 
      • Overview of the methods (e.g., subjects, intervention, sampling, instruments, analyses)
      • A description of the results obtained
      • A description of any unexpected problems that arose and how they were overcome  
      • Conclusions—tentative or definite—along with a discussion of their meaning 
      • A description of what you would do next (i.e., future directions), if you were to continue the project  
  • The manuscript or paper must be submitted to the mentor and uploaded in Arranged Activities. Evaluations of students (and mentors) will be collected via OASIS.
  • Reach out to Sarah Burger with any questions/issues.


  • All students must register for their Scholarly Pursuit project by September 15th before graduation, even if the research starts later in the fall.
  • Papers must be submitted within 30 days of the end of the project. February 28th (before graduation) is the latest possible due date.

To extend a project beyond its original date, submit an email to Beth Marra indicating that your mentor has approved the extension. To change project topics or mentors, the proposal form must be resubmitted.