Dissemination efforts will be commensurate with new COVID-19 related safety guidelines implemented at Penn Medicine by its Office of Environmental Health and Radiation Safety. Guidelines relevant to the center include the use of distance-learning and virtual meeting technologies. Almost all CAMIPM’s technologies such as pulse sequences, data analysis packages, etc. by their nature facilitate easy sharing and installation on different operating systems compared to other NCBIB technologies that rely on unique instruments. Consequently, training these activities could be performed either at CAMIPM facilities or remotely at a user’s site. In case of the latter, CAMIPM staff responsible for that topic will disseminate knowledge directly by phone or email (for minor changes and standard installations and training etc.) or visit the user’s site to install the technology and train their personnel on its use. This is particularly critical if the end-user’s animal or human studies cannot be performed at Penn due to regulatory or logistical issues. In addition, dissemination of CAMIPM knowledge, technology and expertise will occur in many forms.