Summer Program

A 6-week program focusing on MRI with an emphasis on performing biomedical research with hands-on experience and laboratory work will be created for high school students in their junior and senior years. While there will be no requirement for previous experience, it is expected that most students will have taken basic high school science or math before attending the program. In order to accommodate differences in preparation, a CAMIPM graduate student or post-doc will be assigned 2 students each to mentor, train and utilize for their respective projects. Hence the total number of students is expected to be between 6 and 8. These projects will be limited to building and testing phantoms on the MRI scanner under supervision by the mentor, as well as some programming for data analyses. Students will be expected to present their work at the end of the program. 

For consideration, a cover letter and a 1-page resume should be submitted to Susan Colleluori by March 1 of the current year.