T1ρ MRI Pulse Sequence

To initiate the process to receive a Research Use license and software  for T1-rho MRI pulse sequences for use on Siemens and GE systems please submit the software request form.  To ask about T1-rho software for use on any other MRI original equipment manufacturers, please contact Susan Colleluori at colleluo@pennmedicine.upenn.edu.

For purposes of the software request form, “Research Use” means investigational internal research use made only in accordance with applicable Federal, state and local laws and regulations, institutional policies, and including but not limited to any required review and approvals of an Institutional Review Board, patient informed consent and HIPPA authorizations. Research Use specifically excludes (i) use for patient treatment, diagnosis or clinical care, (ii) use in other clinical studies and (iii) any development indicative of commercial product development.