Christina L. Master, MD

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Professor of Clinical Pediatrics
Medical Staff, Division of General Pediatrics, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania
Co-Director, Minds Matter, Concussion Program, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Director, Research, Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship, Division of Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, CHOP
Medical Staff, Division of Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania
Principal Investigator, Center for Brain Injury and Repair, University of Pennsylvania
Senior Fellow, Center for Injury Research Prevention, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Fellow, Center for Pediatric Clinical Effectiveness, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Department: Pediatrics

Contact information
Division of Orthopedics
Sports Medicine and Performance Center
Minds Matter Concussion Frontier Program
The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
550 S. Goddard Blvd.
2nd Floor Wood Building
King of Prussia, PA 19406
Office: 215-590-1527
Fax: 215-590-1501
AB (Molecular Biology)
Princeton University, 1989.
MD (Medicine)
University at Buffalo, The State University of New York, School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, 1993.
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Selected Publications

Hicks SD, Leddy J, Lichak BP, Onks C, Dretsch M, Tennant P, Haider MN, Olympia RP, Zuckerman SL, Loeffert J, Loeffert AC, Monteith C, Master CL. : Defining Biological Phenotypes of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Using Saliva MicroRNA Profiles. J Neurotrauma Page: Epub ahead of print, May 2022.

Storey EP, Corwin DJ, McDonald CC, Arbogast KB, Metzger KB, Pfeiffer MR, Marguiles SS, Grady MF, Master CL: Assessment of Saccades and Gaze Stability in the Diagnosis of Pediatric Concussion Clin J Sport Med. 32(2): 108-113, Mar 1 2022.

Patterson Gentile C, Aguirre GK, Arbogast KB, Master CL. : Relationship between Visually Evoked Effects and Concussion in Youth. J Neurotrauma. J Neurotrauma Epub ahead of print. , March 2022.

Berwick D, Bogner J, Fink M, Gill J, Harris O, HindsII SR, Korley F, MacKenzie EJ, Manley G, Margulies S, Master C, McCrea M, Moriarty H, Peek-Asa C, Scalea T, Schoomaker E, Schreiber M, Vavilala MS: Traumatic Brain Injury: A Roadmap for Accelerating Progress. A Consensus Study Report of The National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine. Donald Berwick, Katherine Bowman, and Chanel Matney, Editors (eds.). National Academies Press, February 2022.

Patton DA, Huber CM, Fedonni D, Margulies SS, Master CL, Arbogast KB. : Quantifying head impact exposure, mechanisms and kinematics using instrumented mouthguards in female high school lacrosse. Res Sports Med 23: 1-15, Feb 2022.

Huber CM, Patton DA, Margulies SS, Master CL, Arbogast KB. : Head Impact Exposure and Mechanisms in Female High School Lacrosse via an Instrumented Mouthguard. American Academy of Neurology Sports Concussion Virtual Conference Neurology 98(1 Supplement 1)): S13-S14, Jan 2022.

Jain D, McDonald CC, Mohammed F, Podolak OE, Master CL, Arbogast, KB. : Oral Poster: Objective Eye Tracking Metrics of Vision and Autonomic Dysfunction Distinguish Adolescents With Acute Concussion and Those with Persistent Post-Concussion Symptoms from Uninjured Controls, American Academy of Neurology Sports Concussion Conference, Virtual, July, 2021 Neurology 98(1 Supplement 1)): S6-S7, January 4 2022.

Corwin D, Orchinik J, D'Alonzo B, Master C, Agarwal A, Wiebe D.: A Randomized Trial of Incentivization to Maximize Retention For Real-Time Symptom and Activity Monitoring Using Ecological Momentary Assessment in Pediatric Concussion. Neurology 98(1 Supplement 1)): S7, Jan 2022 Notes: American Academy of Neurology Sports Concussion Virtual Conference.

Roby PR, Storey EP, Master CL, Arbogast KA. : The effect of a home exercise program on visio-vestibular function in concussed pediatric patients. American Academy of Neurology Sports Concussion Virtual Conference 98(1 Supplement 1)): S18-S19, Jan 4 2022.

Arbogast K, Mandel F, Corwin D, Mohammed F, McDonald Catherine, Barnett I, Master C. : Concussion Assessment across Several Clinical Batteries: Identifying the Components that Best Discriminate Injured Adolescents from Controls. Neurology 98(1 Supplement 1)): S11, Jan 2022 Notes: American Academy of Neurology Sports Concussion Virtual Conference.

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