Mentoring & Professionalism Awards of Excellence

mentoring AOE

This award recognizes any individual with a faculty appointment (affiliated or full time) who has fostered the professional development of other faculty members by providing inspiring and effective mentoring and sponsorship. The outstanding mentor establishes a supportive and nurturing relationship with other faculty members and helps them to negotiate the complex demands of academic life, improve their skills and opportunities, and reconcile the competing demands of work and home life.

  • Candidates can be nominated by faculty from any track or rank or a departmental awards committee.  Self-nominations are precluded.

This award, named in honor of Mr. Duncan Van Dusen in recognition of his outstanding service to the University community, recognizes the tremendous positive impact that an individual can have on the whole of Penn’s professional environment. The award is given annually to a Penn Medicine physician either individually or as a leader of a clinical team whose respectful approach, integrity, self-awareness, and personal accountability are exemplary of the campaign for the ongoing elevation of the culture at Penn and for the promotion of exceptional patient care experiences.

  • Individuals in senior leadership positions and division/section chiefs are ineligible.
  • Candidates may be nominated by a Penn Medicine or CHOP physician, or a Department Awards Committee. Self-nominations are precluded.

  • Nomination letter including a statement that the Chair approves and endorses the nomination 
  • No more than 3 additional letters of recommendation from Penn Medicine/CHOP individuals of which only 1 may be from outside these organizations.
  • Current CV

For questions related to the Mentoring and Professionalism Awards of Excellence, please contact Janice Pringle at