PSOM Research Policies, Procedures & Guidelines

Animal Research Policies and Guidelines

Housing or Use of Animals in Non School of Medicine Sites
(Policy No. RA-ANML-006)

Management of MHV-Infected Rooms/Suites in PSOM Animal Facilities
(Policy No. RA-ANML-001)

Management of MPV-Infected Rooms/Suites in PSOM Barrier Animal Facilities (Policy No. RA-ANML-008)

Management of Significant Non-Compliance in Animal Research
(Policy No. RA-ANML-007)

Mouse Transfers from the CRB Transgenic and Chimeric Mouse Facility to the JMB Animal Service Unit
(Policy No. RA-ANML-004) (Discontinued 09-12-2011)

Procedures for Management of Pinworms in PSOM Rodent Facilities
(Policy No. RA-ANML-005)

Quarantine of Rodents Due to Infectious Disease Outbreak in School of Medicine Animal Facilities (Policy No. RA-ANML-002.1)

Relocation of Rodents Between Rooms, Suites and Facilities in PSOM Vivaria
(Policy No. RA-ANML-003.4 -- Updated July 2019)

Authorship Policy

Perelman School of Medicine Authorship Policy

Bridge Funding Guidelines

Guidelines for Bridge Funding Program

PSOM Bridge Funding Budget and Funding History Templates

Center and Institute Policy

Establishment, Administration, and Review of Centers and Institutes 
(PSOM Policy No. ADM-CI-001)

Conflict of Interest Related to Industry-Sponsored Speaking Engagements

Memo Regarding Conflict of Interest Related to Industry-Sponsored Speaking Engagements

Digital Signage and Research Calendar Guidelines

PSOM Digital Signage Research Zone Instructions.pdf

PSOM Research Web Calendar Instructions.pdf

Recruitment Guidelines

Chair's Recommendation Letter

Memo Regarding RAC Review of Tenure Track Appointments

Terms of Recruitment Request Form

Research Core Facilities Policies and Guidelines

Annual Core Report and Review Outline

Core Research Facilities Guidelines & Operating Principles

New Core Proposal Outline

Outline for the Request of New Equipment by an Existing Core Facility

Outline for the Proposal of New Services by an Existing Core Facility

Research Policies

Allocation of Research Space (SOM Policy: ADM-SPA-001)

HIPAA Policy and Procedure for Research (SOM Policy: RA-CMP-001)

Use of Cadavers and Recognizable Body Parts for Education and Research Purposes 

Visiting Scholar Policy and Guidelines

Visiting Scholar Appointment Letter Template

Visiting Scholar Guidelines

Visiting Scholar Policy and Appointment Process