recommended reading

Doing occasional clinical reading - or listening to podcasts or attending departmental Grand Rounds, etc - during your thesis can be helpful for keeping in touch with your clinical skills and knowledge. It's definitely wise to make time for clinical reading and study toward the end of your thesis, and, if possible, to build in a week or more of full time study before starting the refresher course. It's helpful to study both core clinical topics and also material that is specifically relevant to your first clerkship back. Suggested resources include:

PSOM resources

  • MED240 & MED250 Canvas Page – Oral Case Presentation/SOAP note exercises
  • Clerkship Resources Canvas Page
  • Previous Clinical Evaluations - Remind yourself what you needed to work on and what you excelled at before
  • Explore the Penn Med Google Drive for additional resources grouped by clerkship
  • Penn created instructional video on appropriate PPE use for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) positive patients


  • Frameworks for Internal Medicine
  • Step Up to Medicine
  • Symptom to Diagnosis
  • Lange’s Case Files Series
  • Case Files in Internal Medicine
  • Clinical journals, particularly segments like clinical problem solving vignettes in the New England Journal


  • Clinical Problem Solvers
  • The Curbsiders Internal Medicine Podcast
  • Run the List
  • Morning Report
  • Core IM
  • Divine Intervention
  • Harrison’s Podclass
  • MedGeeks
  • Hospital and Internal Medicine Podcast


  • OnlineMedEd
  • Sketchy Clinical
  • Emma Holliday High Yield Clinical Lectures

Active Learning Materials

  • Aquifer cases
  • UWorld Step 2 Question Bank
  • Zanki Step 2CK Flashcards
  • AMBOSS Question Bank

The above list is evolving. If you have feedback on any of the resources listed or additional ones to suggest, please let Maggie know.