Mourkioti Laboratory

Welcome to the Mourkioti Lab

Our lab has a long-term interest in understanding the fundamental aspects of skeletal muscle and cardiac function in normal or diseased conditions and in the practical aspects of manipulating these functions by using animal models and tissue engineering approaches for treatment intervention.

Our Mission

The goal of our research lab is to do important, groundbreaking science. Just as significant, we aim to perform and communicate our advances in a clear and rigorous fashion. We are interested both in fundamental questions about how skeletal muscles and cardiac systems work and in practical aspects of manipulating these systems for disease intervention. 

Broad Outlines of our Research

Our main interest is to conduct research that advances muscle homeostasis and regeneration, benefits the scientific community, and eventually leads to practical benefits to society at large. Everyone in the lab becomes a key contributor to these efforts, both by conducting the experiments that advances our current knowledge and by disseminating our findings to the community. The ultimate practical goal of our work will be publication in major scientific journals - the utmost mechanism by which science is spread and evaluated in the scientific community. We believe that doing science offers a beautiful symbiosis: any success of the individual benefits everyone else in the lab. Therefore we are completely invested in each other's success.

Employment Opportunities

If you are a postdoc interested in our lab, please send an email to Foteini Mourkioti (including a Cover Letter, CV and 3 letters of recommendation) and we are happy to arrange a meeting to talk about our research. 

If you are a student in an affiliated graduate program and are interested in our lab, you can contact Foteini Mourkioti (email). Otherwise, you must first apply directly to one of the following graduate programs:

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