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Happy Birthday Sienna and Kevin! Thanks George for bringing delicious chocolate from Germany!




Vasilopita - Lucky Cake Celebration for the Mourkioti Lab




The Last Lab Meeting of the year started with 3 amazing talks from Lauryn, Sam and Dimitris. Pizza, white elephant and ornament decorations followed the talks. What an amazing Lab!!! Looking forward to an even more successful 2023, full of fellowships, grants, papers and many exciting new discoveries.  

White elephant starts....
Proudly presenting our gifts!
Dimitris wears his gift!



Hard work painting ornaments
So much talent beyond experiments!!! Happy Holidays everyone. 


So happy (shown by Lauryn's big smile) to have Chris Ward in our lab!
These are the coolest muscle physiology experiments!




































Our Christmas Lab Dinner Invitation. Thanks a lot Sienna for designing it!








Dinner at Sang Kee Noodle House. Great food and fantastic company. Thanks Eunji, Chris and Alice for joining us.
Everyone was excited to hear and see James' performance
James is preparing his cello
James and his cello in action
Penn Medicine Symphonic Orchestra-Fall/Winter Concert-Our James is one of them! What a great choice of songs! 
So proud of you James! 
This mug is the Mourkioti Lab's present for James' excellent performance: "Cell players, like scientists, must keep their fingers exercised" 


Our birthday boys: James and Ryan
Our wonderful baker, Sienna. Thank you for the delicious treat!
Cupcakes and other sweets
Checking your phones? Really? 


Congrats Sienna and Nuoying for passing your Qualifying Exams!
Enjoying small ice creams at the Bio-pond close to our lab
Thanks Nick and Chris for joining us!




Thanks for all your work to organize the Lab for everyone. It looks great! 


The Mourkioti Lab enjoyed a virtual movie night watching "GATTACA", a 1997 science fiction movie over drinks and dinner. Interesting how after so many years, some concepts remain valid. Looking forward to our next movie night!



A big thanks to Dr. Llyun Wang and her student Shaopeng Pei for a warm welcome and demonstration of an experimental procedure on a Saturday!


Thank you Sienna for showing us around the beautiful DU campus and the fantastic ice cream place! See you in September in our lab!





A memorable day at the celebration of our new Renovated Space!


Fantastic party at the 40th Anniversary of the McKay Lab!



Congratulations Lexy for a fantastic talk! We are so proud of you and looking forward to finalizing your next paper! 

Lots of creativity and hard work into pumpkin curving! David is the winner of this competition and got a gift card for Penn's Bookstore. Congrats David!


We had fun playing Pictionary and trying our drawing skills. Thank you Sylvia, Nat, Christina and Julia for joining us! It is sad when you have to say goodbye to people who leave but we all wish Nick all the best for his new adventure! 


A number of things to celebrate: 3 papers accepted for publication, 2 grants funded as well as 2 July birthdays. Way to go Lab!!!


Our move to the first floor of Stemmler Hall is complete. We love our new lab space!


Good luck Taylor! We will miss you but we are so happy for your next career move!






Philadelphia Christmas Village 2015
Philadelphia Christmas Village 2015

                                                                Lab's Christmas Party 2015-Faye's House

                                                                                        Christmas Ortho Party 2015




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