Smith/Malhotra Laboratory

Ian Berger, B.S.

Medical Student
Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Former Lab Position

Medical Student Research Assistant


Franklin, Tennessee


B.S. Biology, University of Georgia, 2014

M.D. Candidate, University of Pennsylvania, 2018

Areas of Special Interest

Neurosurgery, spine injuries, and CNS tumors

My projects aim to improve quality and patient satisfaction of surgeries using EpiLog, a data acquisition system built within the EPIC electronic medical record. Using databases generated from this tool, I am investigating ways we can improve the use of antibiotics for surgical prophylaxis. My other projects include increasing the completion of health outcome surveys and assisting with the Neurosurgery Risk Reduction Initiative (RRI). Through surveys collected by the RRI we can identify patients that were not satisfied with their care and work to correct these issues within the health system.

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