Heo Laboratory

Lena Hamvas

Intern Researcher
University of Pennsylvania


Marietta, Georgia


Post Baccalaureate Pre-Medical Program at Harvard Extension School 2020

B.S. Global Health at Mercer University 2014


Areas of Special Interest

I am interested in understanding the role of the microenvironment in promoting healthy connective tissue regeneration. Outside of the lab, I enjoy running long distances and volunteering in the community. 

Conference Abstracts and Presentations

Ahmed, SB, Zhang, Y, Jiang, X, Bautista, C, Hamvas, L, Lakadamyali, M, Mauck, RL, Dyment, NA, Heo, SJ. Age Dependent Epigenetic Profiling and Mechanobiology in Tenocytes. 2021 Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) Annual Meeting. October 6-9. Orlando, FL. (Podium presentation)

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