Boerckel Laboratory

Yasaman Moharrer

PhD Student, Mechanical Engineering

University of Pennsylvania

Home country: Iran 


M.S.E. Biomechanics, Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran, 2015.

M.S. Bioengineering, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, 2020

Areas of Interest:

Tissue engineering, Biomechanics, and Mechano-biology, Nano-fabrication for biomedical applications.  

I am interested in applying mechanical engineering principles and skills in developing novel concepts and research in the field bone biology. Specifically, I would like to understand the effect of mechanical stimulation on osteogenesis during embryonic skeletal development.


1- Goel PN, Moharrer Y, Hebb JH, Egol AJ, Kaur G, Hankenson KD, Ahn J, Ashley JW. “Suppression of Notch Signaling in Osteoclasts Improves Bone Regeneration and Healing”. Journal of Orthopaedic Research. 2019 Jun 5.

2- Goel PN, Egol AJ1, Moharrer Y1, Brandfield-Harvey B, Ahn J, Ashley JW. “Notch signaling inhibition protects against LPS mediated osteolysis “. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications. 2019 August 6. 1 Equal contribution.

3- Christopher D Kegelman, Madhura P Nijsure, Yasaman Moharrer, Hope B Pearson, James H Dawahare, Kelsey M Jordan, Ling Qin, Joel D Boerckel. "YAP and TAZ Promote Periosteal Osteoblast Precursor Expansion and Differentiation for Fracture Repair". Journal of Bone and Mineral Research. 2020 August 24.

Conference Abstracts and Presentations: 

1- Moharrer Y., Samandari S., Rouhi G. “In vitro degradation of HA-silica coated AZ91 magnesium alloy in SBF “. 7th International Symposium on Biodegradable Metals. Oral presentation. Italy (23 August 2015).

2- Moharrer Y., Samandari S., Rouhi G. (2015). “In vitro corrosion behavior of MAO and silica-coated AZ91 magnesium alloy “. 7th International Symposium on Biodegradable Metals, Poster presentation. Italy (23 August 2015).

3- Kasaeian, A., Mosalla, M., Moharrer, Y. “Comparative thermal, conductivity modeling of TiO2/Germanium Nano composites”. Kish International Conference of composites, properties, and characterization. Iran (27 December 2010).


Best poster award (First Prize) in the category of Corrosion, 7th International Symposium on Biodegradable Metals, Italy (23 August 2015).

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