Heo Laboratory

Yong-Kyung Lee

Ph.D. Student
University of Sejong


Chungnam, South Korea


M.S. Biomedical Materials, Konyang University 2017

B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Konyang University 2015


Areas of Special Interest

I’ve studied mechanical analysis of orthopedic implants based on metal 3D printers using finite element model, cadaveric test. Now I am interested in the improvement of bone in-growth about manufactured porous structures on metal 3D printers. When I have free time, I would watch Netflix, YouTube and listen to music.


Lee, Yongkyung., Yang, Hai-Mi., Jang, Jinju., Kwak, Dai-Soon., Kim, Jungsung., Chun, Heoung-Jae., Jung, Dukyoung., Lim, Dohyung. (2021). Potential Instability and Malfunction of Knee Joints with Vastus Medialis Impairment after Total Knee Arthroplasty. Applied Sciences11(6), 2764.

Kim, Seong-Jin., Lee, Yongkyung., Choi, Jae-Hyuck., Hong, Young-Ki., Kim, Jung-Sung. (2019). Clinical Safety Evaluation of Interbody Fusion Cage Based on Tunable Elastic Modulus of the Cellular Structure According to the Geometrical Variables. Journal of Biomedical Engineering Research40(5), 158-164.

Lee, YongKyung, Yoo, OuiSik., Kim, JaeWon., Lim, Dohyung., Jung, TaeGon., & Kim, JungSung. (2016). The Correlation Analysis through the Contact Stress and the Curvature Radius according to Flexion Angle for the Design of Unicompartment Knee Replacement. Journal of Biomedical Engineering Research37(6), 215-221.

Conference Abstracts and Presentations

Lee, Yongkyung., Jung, Ara., Gweon, Bomi., Lim, Dohyung. (2021). Analysis of Human osteoblast-like cell responses according to pore shapes and alterations of surface characteristics for bone ingrowth improvement of porous structure. Korean Society of Mechanical Engineers, 576-576. (Podium presentation)

Lee, Yongkyung., Ban, H.Y., Lim, Dohyung. (2021) Verification of Optimal Dimensional Accuracy of Irregular Porous Structure and Analysis of Mechanical Properties according to Porosity. Korean Society for Precision Engineering, 561-561. (Podium presentation)

Lee, Yongkyung., Jung, Ara., Ban, H.Y., Gweon, Bomi., Lim, Dohyung. (2021). Analysis of Intracellular Bone Ingrowth Characteristics on Trabecular-like Porous Structure according to Alteration of Pore size. Korean Society of Mechanical Engineers, 16-16. (Podium presentation)

Lee, Yongkyung., Kim, Hoon. (2020). Finite Element Analysis of Patient Specific Zygomatico-maxillary Buttress Plate in Clinical Characteristics. Korean Society for Precision Engineering, 603-603. (Poster presentation)

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