Heo Laboratory

Zizhao (Molly) Li, M.S.

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Research Engineer

University of Pennsylvania


Nanchang, China


M.S. Biotechnology, University of Pennsylvania, 2021

B.S. Biological Science, Changchun Normal University, 2018


Areas of Special Interest

Rotator cuff repair and fibrocartilage tissue engineering. When I am not busy working, I would be an Internet influencer posting my own articles, go to amazing unknown places shooting beautiful eye-catching photos, and play table tennis in Houston Hall with my friends.


Conference Abstracts and Presentations.

Zizhao Li, Lihong Gao, Xue Guo, Lihua Li, Zhuo Liu, Yang Li, Jinzhe Zhou, “The Effects of Different Concentrations of NAA on Succulent Plant Rooting and Budding”, Chinese Horticulture Abstracts, 2017

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