Audio/Video Conferencing & Streaming

Contacts & Requests


Ray Rollins, Associate Director, Classroom Technology | 215-746-8120
Joe Lavin, Manager of Classroom Technology | 215-898-1947

AV Rental & Service Requests (Across Penn Medicine)

To reserve all AV equipment or to schedule services, use the room request or AV rental request form on the EMS Web App.

Audio/video technology often varies among locations. Technology that is standardized across Penn Medicine is marked with a  diamond [♦]. Penn Medicine's standardized technology (and others, where noted) is fully supported by Media Technology & Production (MTP).

♦ Polycom – Video Conferencing

Polycom supports audio and video connections between appliance-based systems. Polycom video conferencing systems are commonly called hard codecs, because they use hardware to encode and decode data streams.

AV Bridge/BlueJeans

BlueJeans is a cloud-based conferencing option. Considered a soft codec, it makes possible efficient communication and collaboration. The software may be downloaded to a device or used with a web interface. BlueJeans is fully supported by MTP.

Audio Teleconferencing

Commonly known as conference calling, audio teleconferencing allows three or more people to participate in a phone conversation. Download information on teleconferencing equipment and instructions.

♦ Video Streaming/Video on Demand – Mediasite

Great for lecture capture, grand rounds, departmental town hall presentations, and educational distribution of content, Mediasite provides live video streaming and on-demand viewing (transmission of video, audio, and presentation content).