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JMEC Room Reservations & Event Scheduling (Students)

Whether you need a quiet place to study, a seminar room for an interest group meeting, a private space for a yoga session, or the JMEC Atrium and Patios for class mixer events, as a PSOM student, you have access to reserve JMEC and adjacent spaces for almost any occasion. Please see the information below to learn how you can reserve a JMEC event space, classroom, study room, or a UPHS wellness space.

To reserve a space in JMEC for a student group event, complete and submit a Student JMEC Room Request. Justin Mitchell in OSA will review the request and will contact you with any questions or concerns. Once the request is finalized, Justin will use it to book the space in collaboration with the office of Space Planning & Operations (SPO), who will confirm the reservation and coordinate any related resources or services.

Tips for Reserving JMEC Space

  • Do not add set up and/or breakdown time to the timing of your event. The reservation software will automatically assign those timings to your event, so only provide the actual start and end times.
  • Plan ahead. Events that require AV and other resources (housekeeping, additional furniture, etc.) should be submitted at least 48 hours in advance. We understand things come up, so feel free to reach out to Justin Mitchell even if 48 hours notice is not feasible for your event. We will do our best to help.
  • If your event has multiple dates and times – please include these details in the last field of the Request Form.

If your event will include food:

  • For catered events, the caterer must be a Penn-approved vendor (the vendor list is also linked in the Request Form). Outside business staff that enters JMEC must be University approved.
  • Food that is delivered and received outside of JMEC or is picked up by a student elsewhere for the event does not need to come from a Penn-approved caterer/vendor.
  • The selling of homemade baked goods (aka a "bake sale") is not permitted in UPENN or Penn Medicine spaces due to quality and safety concerns.
  • SPO will assign a fee for housekeeping to any event where food will be served and/or to any event where 30+ people will be in attendance. Housekeeping fees vary as they are calculated by SPO after the event. The fee will be charged to the budget code provided.

If your event will include alcohol:

  • Students must use a Penn-approved bartender (SPO will follow-up with you about this after you submit the request form).
  • SPO will assign PCAM security when there is alcohol present at an event. Third-party security officers (e.g., those contracted by University Life) may not provide services for any event held in JMEC.
  • Alcoholic beverages may consist of beer, wine, and seltzer. Liquor (i.e., vodka, whiskey, etc.) is not permitted.
  • In the event that non-PSOM students are going to be present at the event, the first and last names of these attendees must be emailed to Justin Mitchell no later than 1 week prior. It is a security measure to keep all students and attendees safe.

Events outside of business hours (Business hours are M-F 8:00 AM-5:00 PM):

  • While we recommend that students schedule events during business hours as way to avoid significant additional fees, we understand it may not always be the most feasible option for students.
    • Events scheduled after business hours will have security assigned at SPO’s discretion. All security fees will be charged to the budget code provided by the student group.
    • Events scheduled after business hours will be staffed at a level deemed appropriate by SPO. SPO staff scheduled to work an event after business hours are paid no less than 4 hours of overtime. This will be reflected in the student’s booking confirmation/invoice.

When using the JMEC Atria and Classrooms:

  • Avoid costly and unnecessary set up and breakdown staffing fees by using the Atrium space “as is”. It is absolutely ok to order a few extra tables for food and beverages, but carefully consider the unintended consequences of removing any furniture or adding more furniture to or from the space. If you move anything, be sure to leave the space looking exactly as you found it.
  •  Avoid costly and unnecessary housekeeping fees by cleaning up any trash from food or beverages. Cleaning up after yourselves is not only a way to save on additional fees, it’s also a nice way to say thank you to the hardworking PCAM environmental services staff.

Other space options:

  • The GAPSA building (3615 Locust Walk) on the main campus is free for students and the resources incur a lower fee. Some students have found this space more beneficial for their group’s budget. Students who are planning to hold their events on weekends or evenings may find this a suitable option. Student organizers are responsible for submitting requests and coordinating the booking process.

Space Planning and Operations (SPO) event overtime fees:

  • Overtime staffing fees may be incurred for your event if any of the following apply:
    • It occurs outside of regular business hours
    • It has a headcount of 30+
    • It involves food and/or alcohol service

The chart below is an approximation of the overtime fees charged by SPO. The fees are applied at the sole discretion of SPO and are subject to change.


Cost (all staff will be paid a minimum of 4 hours)


$65 per hour ($260 minimum)


$75 per hour

AV Tech/MTP Tech

$75 per hour ($300 minimum)


$75 per easel


$75 per hour ($300 minimum)

*Housekeeping fees are determined on a case-by-case basis and are assessed after the event.

If you have questions, please reach out to Justin Mitchell.