Ryan Armbruster

Bioengineering Pre-Doctoral Student

Contact Information

Tel:(215) 898-9357
Fax: (215) 573-2113
Email: ryan.armbruster@pennmedicine.upenn.edu


Bioengineering Pre-Doctoral Student, 2022-Present, University of Pennsylvania

B.S. 2020, Saint Joseph’s University, Philadelphia, PA (Biochemsitry)



I am a 1st year PhD candidate in the bioengineering department. I joined the Center for Advanced Metabolic Imaging in Precision Medicine (CAMIPM) in June of 2020, first as a research assistant and since fall of 2022 I transitioned to a pre-doctoral student. Currently, my work utilizes the following techniques and systems: chemical exchange saturation transfer (CEST), T1rho, and spectroscopy using Siemens 3T, 7T, and Bruker 9.4T systems.


I am most interested in utilizing endogenous contrast agents or dietary supplements to develop new imaging or spectroscopic methods that are clinically translatable.

In the Reddy Lab, I have the opportunity to explore these endeavors by utilizing creatine CEST to study creatine kinetics in the calf muscle which impacts individuals with musculoskeletal diseases.

Another research project I partake in involves the study of T1rho values in healthy and osteoarthritic populations. Were we measure the reproducibility of T1rho measurements across different scanners (i.e. Siemens and GE). The results of this work may enable T1rho measurements to serve as a valid biomarker for determining osteoarthritis in articular knee cartilage.

A third project that I work on is reproducibly measuring lactate levels in the healthy human brain using MRS.

Research Abstracts and Publications: 

1. Armbruster R, Wilson N, Elliott M, Nanga RPR, Reddy R.  Establishing Reproducibility of Global Lactate Measurements in Healthy Subjects at 3T. International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM) MRS Workshop; August 23, 2022; virtual. Abstract and poster presentation.

2. Armbruster R, Wilson N, Elliott M, Nanga RPR, Reddy R. Establishing Reproducibility in Lactate Measurements in Young Healthy Participants at 3T. University of Pennsylvania: Pendergrass Symposium; June 10, 2022; Philadelphia, PA. Abstract and poster presentation.

3. Nanga RPR, Juul H, Soni N, Benyard B, Swain A, Armbruster R, Jacobs P, Reddy R. Longitudinal study of GluCEST and MICEST in Alzheimer’s 5xFAD mouse model in vivo. ISMRM; May 12, 2022; London, England. Abstract and Oral presentation: non-presenting author.

4. Soni N*, Swain A*, Jacobs P, Juul H, Armbruster R, Nanga RPR, Nath K, Wiers C, Detre J, Reddy R. In Vivo Monitoring of cerebral BHB metabolism using 2H-MR Spectroscopy at 9.4T. ISMRM Workshop on Ultra-High Field MR; March 19-22, 2022; virtual. Abstract and Oral presentation: non-presenting author.

5. Kumar D, Armbruster R, Wilson N, Nanga RPR, Reddy R. Indirect Detection of Acidification in Exercised Skeletal Muscle using Creatine CEST. ISMRM, May 15, 2021; virtual. Abstract and Oral Presentation: non-presenting second author.

6. Benyard B*, Armbruster R*, Cember A, Wilson N, Novelo L, Reddy R. GagCEST Imaging of Healthy and OA Patients at 7 Tesla. ISMRM; May 15, 2021; virtual. Abstract and Oral presentation: non-presenting co-first author.