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This form allows CBT-I Seminar Survivors and BSM Specialists the opportunity to share case data. There are two interrelated reasons to do so. First, if you are attending the Advanced Seminar, we are requesting that attendees submit and/or present a case at the course.. Second, we'd like your help with a project. More specifically, it is our hope to eventually to compile the studies with commentaries into a book (Similar to the Sleep Medicine Pearls by Richard Berry).

Please know that, while your submission will be de-identified (i.e., patient information will be limited to race, sex, and age) the identifiers for the submission itself will be limited to the information you are comfortable with including any of the following permutations

  • anonymous
  • identify my profession and state
  • identify my profession, city and state
  • identify my profession, clinic, city and state
  • identify my initials, profession, clinic, city and state
  • identify my name, profession, clinic, city and state

In addition, your contribution will be recognized and acknowledged under "List of Contributors" in the front of the book. We will further honor your contribution by 1) providing you a PDF copy of the book, and 2) by entering each of your contributions into an end-of-project lottery for a published copy of the book and one year's professional fees for the SBSM (including membership, journal, and conference registration fees). We will have two winners from the lottery.

Ideal cases include: perfect treatment outcomes; cases complicated by medical, psychiatric, social or cultural factors; cases with unique adaptations to standard treatment; cases that use adjunctive treatments such as bright light, relaxation, etc.; and finally cases that are abject failures (with thoughts about why), etc.  Before making a submission, please check with your host institution, local professional regulatory bodies, or local governments to make sure that your submission meets with the standards set forth to guarantee patient privacy.

If you elect to complete one or more case reports, please provide as much detail as possible (in the given spaces) and please be sure to give average sleep diary data for each week of treatment for Sleep Latency (SL), Wake After Sleep Onset (WASO), Number of Awakenings (NWAK), Total Sleep Time (TST) and Sleep Efficiency (SE%), as prompted in the template.

An example of a completed Case Report form can be found here

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